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Waswanipi and Greenpeace launch Broadback petition

Waswanipi and Greenpeace are launching an online petition to gather international support against further logging of the Broadback River Valley, the last untouched region in the community’s territory. The two worked together to create the website, which hosts a video filmed inside the community that urges the Quebec government to ... read more ››

The Apatisiiwin Agreement with Hydro-Québec nears its end

Eleven years after the Apatisiiwin Agreement between Hydro-Québec and the James Bay Cree was reached, the final cohorts of the Technical Employment with Hydro-Québec (TEHQ) program have begun their two-year training programs. This last group of prospective employees have exactly two years to complete their studies in automated systems electro-mechanics at ... read more ››

Annual march for missing and murdered Indigenous women sparks hope and anger

The 10th annual march for missing and murdered Indigenous women in Montreal October 4 was an emotional affair. Organized by the Missing Justice Collective and the Montreal Centre for Gender Advocacy, the event saw close to a thousand people gather in Cabot Square before walking down Sainte-Catherine street to Phillips ... read more ››

Indigenous leaders join progressive organizers in call for new environmental movement

“As long as the environment becomes an issue,” said Kanesatake activist Ellen Gabriel, “people will become slowly educated into understanding that if the land is being attacked, we are being attacked as Indigenous people – because our identity is tied to the land.” Gabriel was participating in a press event ahead ... read more ››

New books profile different aspects of Indigenous issues in this country

The end of September brought the publication of two very different books about Indigenous issues in Canada. The first, Wab Kinew’s memoir, The Reason You Walk, is ultimately celebratory, and speaks to a wide audience of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people across Canada and the US. The second, Emmanuelle Walter’s Stolen ... read more ››

Cree kids participate in international walk to school initiative

Hand in hand with their parents and other community members, this October the children of Eeyou Istchee participated in activities celebrating “Walk to School Month,” an initiative held in over 40 countries worldwide to get children out and active. In Mistissini, Wally Rabbitskin, a Planning, Programming and Research Officer for Physical ... read more ››

Diamond mine fails to improve conditions in Attawapiskat

Few stories illustrate the widening chasm between rich and poor as clearly as the story of Attawapiskat. The chasm is captured in Vicki Lean’s inspiring documentary, After the Last River. When the world’s largest diamond company, De Beers, opened a mine 90 km upstream from the First Nation community in northern ... read more ››

Homage to Gerti Murdoch

Gertie Murdoch The Cree-Quebec Judicial Advisory Committee and the Cree Nation Government Department of Justice and Correctional Services would like to express their condolences to the family of Gerti (Diamond) Murdoch, of the Cree Nation of Waskaganish, and to all who had the opportunity to work with her. She was someone who ... read more ››

Another day in paradise

Some people might call me a loner. A few of my friends may see me as a bit of a recluse. It is not that I don’t like being around people, it is just that I love peace and quiet. I grew up in the James Bay Cree culture and raised ... read more ››

Changing colours

I am currently writing this column from Attwell Coffee in Mississauga, Ontario. I don’t know how many happy Eeyou faces I’ve seen online with their trophy moose. Some selfies with their beasts made me chuckle – especially the one of my friend, Deputy Oujé-Bougoumou Chief Lance Cooper, posing with his moose ... read more ››

My vote

I know voting is by secret ballot but there’s no law sharing one’s choice, which I’m about to do for this election. In Abitibi–Baie-James–Nunavik–Eeyou I will be voting for Romeo Saganash, the current MP and candidate for the New Democratic Party. I like most of the NDP platform and the way ... read more ››

Matthew Coon Come, National Chief?

Cree statesman, philosopher, honourary doctor and black belt Matthew Coon Come is expected to run for National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations. A source close to Coon Come said he is talking seriously about running. Candidates are to announce officially in early June. Current National Chief Phil Fontaine’s term ... read more ››

Un Rez Notes

Where is Neil Diamond? Oh where can he be? I was possessed by this tiny voice that told me that I should give ndiamon a break and write rez notes. Yes, what else could it be but some form of a paranormal experience. Neil is presently being worked to the bone. ... read more ››

Mother’s Day, The History of…

The earliest Mother’s Day celebrations can be traced back to the spring celebrations of ancient Greece in honor of Rhea, the Mother of the Gods. During the 1600’s, England celebrated a day called “Mothering Sunday.” Celebrated on the 4th Sunday of Lent (the 40 day period leading up to Easter), ... read more ››

School Board Holds First General Election

The Cree School Board is holding its first ever nation-wide election for the job of chairperson on June 1. Nominations opened on April 19 and closed May 16. Advance polls will be held May 25. The winning candidate must get over 50 percent of the votes cast. If no one gets ... read more ››

“Geas Keeld by ye Nateves”

Everybody loves a good goose story. How many times have you recounted the time when you shot the whole flock or made that amazing shot? Your story may not go down in the history books. But then you don’t have the store manager recording your results down in a log book. ... read more ››

220-Year-Old Claim Enters Final Inning

The Algonquins of Ontario are hoping that their 220-year-old land claim, one of the oldest in the country, is about to enter the home stretch. The province’s estimated 5,000 to 6,000 Algonquins claim a traditional territory of 8.5 million hectares (85,000 square kilometres) that stretches from North Bay to Hawkesbury, 60 ... read more ››

Crees Launch Counter-Strike in Lawsuit

Crees launched a legal counter-strike in the Mario Lord forestry lawsuit, filing an appeal of the controversial decision to remove Justice Jean-Jacques Croteau from the case. Meanwhile, due to a bureaucratic mix-up by the Quebec government, logging machines fell silent all across Quebec on April Fool’s Day. Forestry companies weren’t laughing as ... read more ››

Recovery from Grief

There was a time in my life that I missed. I feel that I need to share my story to be of help to those that are in need of support. I went through a long grieving process when I lost my father, November 9, 1987 and my mother, January ... read more ››

Nemaska Career Fair

The call came in from Martine, “So are you coming for the Career Fair in Nemaska?” she asked. I said I’d get back to her. After some thought, Neil and I decided to go. We packed up and gathered our career fair supplies. Business Cards… Check… Portfolio… Check-Posters… Check… Calendars… ... read more ››

Passing the Trash

A surprisingly large number of teachers are sexually abusing students, leaving a trail of devastated young victims, according to an extensive Ontario inquiry. Many, if not most, of the cases are never reported School authorities often don’t handle complaints seriously enough, or let sex offenders quietly move on to another ... read more ››