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Economic Downturn Means Tough Times for Aboriginal Kids

With the current global economic downturn, children will be “the hardest hit,” said renowned Canadian humanitarian Stephen Lewis, who is the United Nations’ special envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa. Addressing a crowd of 400 in Vancouver on October 20, Lewis pointed out that one million children in Canada are living below ... read more ››

Inuit Teenager Missing

Caitlin Nickerson, 14, went missing on October 20 from her Montreal high school. Nickerson was last seen at James Lyng High School in the southwest sector of Montreal, located at 5440 Notre-Dame West. Nickerson is 1,70 m (5’7”), weighs 63,5 kg (140 lbs), has brown hair and brown eyes, and ... read more ››

Huron-Wendats Seek Big Bucks in Land Claim Settlement

The Huron-Wendat First Nation is seeking a large sum from both the federal and provincial governments in a claim settlement for a 24,000-sq.-km allotment of land that includes the cities of Trois-Rivieres and Quebec City as well as most of the Laurentides Wildlife Reserve and three Quebec provincial parks. Seeking a ... read more ››


Though he has since publicly apologized for the remark, many are still calling for the resignation of Vancouver Olympic Committee board member and McGill University Chancellor Richard Pound over a remark he made regarding Canadian Aboriginals in an August 9 interview with the French-language newspaper, La Presse. The remark was made ... read more ››

Truth and Reconciliation Commission at an Impasse

With the resignation of Justice Harry LaForme from the Indian Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission, internal conflicts have brought the commission to a halt. The commission released a statement on behalf of commissioners Claudette Dumont-Smith and Jane Brewin Morley saying they are “disappointed and saddened” to hear of LaForme’s decision ... read more ››

By The Rapids Cartoon

APTN is proud to announce that starting November 13 at 8pm, the network will start airing By The Rapids, a new Mohawk cartoon series geared at depicting the lighter side of life on a reserve. The Mohawk-language show was developed by Kahnawake resident Joseph Lazare about his hometown whose name loosely ... read more ››

New Chairman for the Cree Health Board

On October 14, it was announced that James Bobbish was the new chairman for the Cree Health Board. Bobbish squeaked by his opponent John Matoush in a hotly contested runoff election. Bobbish garnered 50.5% of the vote while Matoush picked up 49.5%. “It was a very close vote,” said Bobbish, “which means ... read more ››

National Parole Board

On September 5, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day announced two part-time and three full-time appointments to the National Parole Board, including one who previously worked as regional coordinator of the Cree Police. Jacques Letendre of Waltham, Quebec was appointed a part-time member to the NPB and comes to it with ... read more ››

Foster Home Sought: Nine-year-old Sarah and seven-year-old Sophie

Nine-year-old Sarah and seven-year-old Sophie are Cree siblings who are in need of a respite foster home, one weekend a month, i.e. from Friday evening to Sunday evening. The siblings are very close, and play well together. Sarah is affectionate and shows it. Sarah is very protective of Sophie who is ... read more ››

Foster Home Sought

Nine-year-old Sarah and seven-year-old Sophie are Cree siblings who are in need of a respite foster home, one weekend a month, i.e. from Friday evening to Sunday evening. The siblings are very close, and play well together. Sarah is affectionate and shows it. Sarah is very protective of Sophie who is ... read more ››

Attawapiskat Kids Take on the Federal Government

Continuing their fight for a proper school, the children of the Ontario Cree community of Attawapiskat are attempting to raise funds to go to Toronto for a first-ever children’s conference to be held on November 26. Timmins-James Bay NDP MP Charlie Angus stated, “The Attawapiskat School campaign has become the largest ... read more ››

Barriere Lake Algonquins slapped twice in the face

As if it wasn’t bad his personal assistant racially slurred a protesting Barriere Lake youth spokesman, now Conservative MP for Pontiac and Transport Minister Lawrence Cannon is telling community members that they will have to wait until after the election to see their urgent needs met. On September 18, Norman Matchewan, ... read more ››

Cree craftspeople at the Maison amerindienne

The Cree Native Arts and Crafts Association (CNACA) is pleased to announce that Cree craftspeople and crafts will be featured from October 28 to November 30 in a photography exhibit at the Maison amerindienne. Participants in the exhibit – devoted exclusively to First Nations artists -agreed to be photographed and to ... read more ››

National Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy

World Suicide Prevention Day was held on September 10. National Chief Phil Fontaine took this opportunity to express the need to expand the National Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy (NAYSPS). “The NAYSPS is making a real difference because, for the first time, communities can develop a crisis plan and projects aimed ... read more ››

Walk 4 Justice

On Monday, September 15, Elders, youth, women, men and professionals gathered in Ottawa to present the cases of all Aboriginal women missing across Canada to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and call for a full public inquiry into their disappearances. Both organizers and volunteers left on foot from Vancouver on June 21 ... read more ››

Bioprospectors head north for Arctic DNA.

For a long time, oil and gas were seen as the Arctic’s most valuable resource. But a new report shows that another resource has been discovered in the north; genetics. 43 companies are already either selling or developing products derived from the DNA found in Arctic plants and animals. David Leary, ... read more ››

Wildlife Sanctuaries on Inuit Territory

August 22 was an important day for the Inuit people living in the surrounding areas of the Baffin Island. Canada’s Environment Minister John Baird and Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. Acting President, James Eetoolook, announced that three new National Wildlife Areas will be built on and around Baffin Island. The Inuit Impact and ... read more ››

Aboriginal law programs needed

Though Sudbury’s Laurentian University is still conducting a feasibility study to try to implement a new law school with a focus on Aboriginal law, the Ontario government is flat out denying it funding along with two other Ontario universities that had similar plans. Laurentian along with Thunder Bay’s Lakehead University and ... read more ››

Election results in Eeyou Istchee

Former Chisasibi Chief Abraham Rupert is the new CRA/Council Board Member for his community. Former Chief Kenneth Gilpin is the CRA/Council Board Member for Eastmain. The new School Commissioner in Mistissini is Kathleen Wooten.

First Nations entrepreneur?

Are you a First Nations entrepreneur looking to get a bit of a leg up, develop your business or do some networking? The First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Economic Development Commission is looking to help you do just that with the First Nations of Quebec Entrepreneurial Forum to be held ... read more ››

Nemaska beating

On the morning of August 13, John Blackned, 36, became the latest victim of a swarming attack perpetrated by yet another group of youths, most of which were minors, said his brother Jim Blackned. The incident happened in Nemaska. According to Jim Blackned, his brother was attacked “by five females (two ... read more ››

Rising Sun Childcare Centre

In November 2008, a new daycare will open its doors in the Montreal neighbourhood of Verdun. The Rising Sun Childcare Centre will provide a positive, nurturing and stimulating environment for First Nations, Inuit and Metis children aged three months to five years. With the help of the Aboriginal Head Start Program, ... read more ››

New CRA rep in Mistissini

John Matoush has won the election to replace Matthew Coon Come as the Council Board Representative for the Cree Nation of Mistissini. The election, held June 25-26, was made necessary when Coon Come stepped down to fill a new position in the Cree Regional Authority’s Trust Board. Matoush won with ... read more ››

Moose Cree Elections

Moose Cree First Nation held its elections on August 9. Norman Hardisty was voted new Chief of Moose Cree First Nation with a total of 338 votes. Right behind him were candidates Patricia Faries-Akiwenzie with 227 votes and Vern Cheechoo with 103 votes. Also newly elected as Deputy Chief, Charlie Cheechoo won ... read more ››

The 6th Annual CreeFest!

Music entertainment, workshops, contests, activities, a Pow Wow and a feast were all part of the 6th Annual CreeFest which took place in Cochrane, Ontario August 14-16. Taykwa Tagamou First Nation, the town of Cochrane, the Mushkegowuk Council and Abitibi Projects joined together and organized three days of festivities that brought ... read more ››

Ideas for Aboriginal economic development

The federal government wants the general public to know that everyone, Aboriginal or not, is welcomed to give his/her input to Indian and Northern Affairs on how to set-up a new framework for Aboriginal economic development. The public is being asked to submit suggestions directly to INAC via its website, telephone ... read more ››