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Teachers’ union demands reforms – Cree School Board pleads poverty

A meeting recently in early October between the Northern Quebec Teacher’s Association and the NQTA’s Native Committee helped to formulate seven recommendations that, if implemented, could change the educational reality of the way Aboriginal children are taught in the north -and produce better test results and more highly qualified graduates. The ... read more ››

Language skills key school success

As the economy grows stronger in the North, so does its need for educated and skilled workers. In a growing economy, a good education can be more valuable than gold. In the past, sadly, proper systems were not in place within the school systems to help Cree kids learn at the ... read more ››

Vocational school offers life solutions

Does your job give you the “blahs”? Are you thinking about changing careers? Have you ever aspired to learn a trade but didn’t know where to start? If you have answered yes to any or all three of these questions, the Sabtuan Regional Vocational Training Centre in Waswanipi may have ... read more ››

Money for Waswanipi school announced – Education becoming growth engine for community

The Quebec government will fund the construction of a new elementary school in Waswanipi. The office of Premier Jean Charest announced August 9 that the government will spend $8.4 million for a school that can accommodate 260 students. It will have 16 classes, five specialized rooms, a gymnasium and a library. Abraham ... read more ››

First Nations Student Wins Top Scholarship

Ariane Starblanket of the Cree Star Blanket First Nation in Saskatchewan is one of 34 recipients of the Millennium Excellence Award from the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation. The $4,000 prize enables her to attend any college or university of her choice. “It was a big honour,” Starblanket said. “I plan on ... read more ››

Memegwashi Awards Recognize Students’ Hard Work

The third edition of the Memegwashi Awards, hosted by the Val d’Or Native Friendship Centre, was yet again a success. On June 21, National Aboriginal Day, 149 Native students of all ages were honoured before 400 people at the Telebec Theatre. Primary, secondary, college and university students from the MRC de ... read more ››

Niskamoon’s First Graduates Set Sail

Ten Cree students took advantage of the Niskamoon Agreement between Hydro-Quebec and the Crees and became the first to graduate from the Centre Polymetier in Rouyn-Noranda. They finished the course in Automated Systems in Electro Mechanics, which was taught in French to more smoothly integrate the students into the workplace at ... read more ››

Pressure Halts Proposal to Tax Native Students

Good news for Aboriginal post secondary students: their money can now go towards rent and tuition instead of income taxes. Using an anonymous senior government source, an article by Canadian Press reporter Sue Bailey alluded to the fact that Native students are the most under-represented in terms of success and that ... read more ››

After School Childcare Service Kicks Off

Busy working parents who can’t always pick up their children after school will soon be able to take advantage of a new After School Day Care Program. The Cree School Board (CSB) held a ceremonial signing in Mistissini January 19 to launch the service with the Cree Regional Authority (CRA) and ... read more ››

New Cree Lexicon Published

The Cree School Board announced recently that the new editions of the northern and southern Cree lexicon are now available. The lexicon will help ensure the survival of the Cree language for many years to come. “It will undoubtedly be an integral part in the preservation and retention of the Cree ... read more ››

Here Are Some Helpful Tips for Kids and Parents for The Back-To-School Season

Here are some helpful tips for kids and parents for the back-to-school season: Back-to-school time often means changes for children and families: the first day of kindergarten or first grade; new preschools or childcare settings; new classrooms and new teachers. Making smooth transitions between home, programs and schools can help ... read more ››

CLIP Gets Shaved

While they may not be thinking about the next school year already, students at Mistissini’s Voyaguer Memorial School will be getting a new lease on learning come September. The Cree School Board (CSB) has approved a new pilot project for a teaching ratio of 50-50 in the languages for those ... read more ››