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It has been 40 years since the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement (JBNQA) was signed. I remember those days, which had a vast influence over how Cree economics, politics and culture have developed to this day. Something precious was taken from us that wounded the spirit but made us ... read more ››

The Apatisiiwin Agreement with Hydro-Québec nears its end

Eleven years after the Apatisiiwin Agreement between Hydro-Québec and the James Bay Cree was reached, the final cohorts of the Technical Employment with Hydro-Québec (TEHQ) program have begun their two-year training programs. This last group of prospective employees have exactly two years to complete their studies in automated systems electro-mechanics at ... read more ››

How one man is fighting the James Bay Highway’s pothole epidemic

Photos from James Bay Highway Road Conditions Group Waskaganish’s Ryan Erless is no stranger to the James Bay Highway (JBH). He’s traveled up and down the 620 kilometres of the decaying two-lane road too many times to count. Like many Crees, Erless knows the highway’s most infamous potholes, cracks and bumps ... read more ››

The National Great Outdoor Show 2001

The first thing you notice about the Great Outdoor Show is that it is held indoors. Once you get your head around that small detail you are free to delve into an exhibition that boasts some 600 exhibitors all eager to show you their wares. A small but vital team ... read more ››

Un Rez Notes

Where is Neil Diamond? Oh where can he be? I was possessed by this tiny voice that told me that I should give ndiamon a break and write rez notes. Yes, what else could it be but some form of a paranormal experience. Neil is presently being worked to the bone. ... read more ››