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Waswanipi and Greenpeace launch Broadback petition

Waswanipi and Greenpeace are launching an online petition to gather international support against further logging of the Broadback River Valley, the last untouched region in the community’s territory. The two worked together to create the website www.savethebroadback.ca, which hosts a video filmed inside the community that urges the Quebec government to ... read more ››

Youth Grand Chief Joshua Iserhoff removed in vote of non-confidence

“Maybe I dreamed too big for them,” said now former Youth Grand Chief Joshua Iserhoff. “I did what I could in three years, but I think we did an excellent job as youth leaders.” Former CNYC Grand Chief Joshua Iserhoff, seen here on a December 2014 cover of The Nation. The ... read more ››

Waswanipi’s Vocational Training Centre celebrates 10 years of graduates

Responding to the needs of the rapidly developing employment market within Eeyou Istchee, it has been a full decade since the Cree School Board opened the Sabtuan Regional Vocational Training Centre in Waswanipi to give Crees the skills they needed to realize their dreams. “After many years of negotiations and representations ... read more ››

Coon Come Slams Racism Against Aboriginal Peoples

Matthew Coon Come raised more than a few eyebrows at the World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa. Not only did the National Chief stick to his plan of alerting the world to the levels of racism experienced by Native people in Canada, but he went one further by ... read more ››

Post-it Post Haste

One has to admire the total lack of knowledge retention and disregard for historical facts as well as the predictable rhetoric that the National Post seems to Post-it Post Haste require in their overtly Caucasian editorial staff writers. Ifs more than obvious, it’s downright in your face, with the extended ... read more ››

Matthew Coon Come, National Chief?

Cree statesman, philosopher, honourary doctor and black belt Matthew Coon Come is expected to run for National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations. A source close to Coon Come said he is talking seriously about running. Candidates are to announce officially in early June. Current National Chief Phil Fontaine’s term ... read more ››