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About the Nation Online Archives Project:

Before we embarked on this digitization project, content from the Nation published between 1993 and 2008 was preserved only in the printed pages of our back issues, and it turns out that not all of our readers kept a copy of every single issue ever published. That’s okay. We did.

Getting the words off those old, yellowing pages and on to the internet was a bit of an undertaking. First, the magazines were scanned and processed using text-reading computer software (OCR). Special thanks to Canadiana for their help with that.

Then, a team of seven regular humans looked through every single one of the 5000+ articles looking for typos left behind by the computer. We might have missed a couple.

Find a problem? Our project archivist wants to hear about it:

Janice Kerfoot


About the Nation magazine:

The Nation magazine has been the sole and most-trusted provider of Cree and James Bay-related print content in northern Quebec and Ontario for over 20 years. The Nation is the only independent Aboriginal news publication in the area since 1993.

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Danielle Valade

For all other inquiries about the Nation magazine, please contact our production coordinator:

Joshua Grant

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