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“The Last Crossing” by Guy Vanderhaeghe

If Guy Vanderhaeghe built houses instead of stories, he would be the kind of carpenter who did everything by hand, who fashioned every joint with a chisel and a knife, because details matter. And apparently they matter to lots of readers, because Vanderhaeghe is a bestselling writer across Canada. His ... read more ››

The Will To Survive by Kermot A. Moore, and Mi’ kmaq Treaties On Trial by Willian C. Wilcken

The Will To Survive By Kermot A. Moore Published by Hyperborea Publishing, 1984 This book talks about Native Peoples and the Canadian constitution. What is great about this book is the little stories and personal tales by Natives preserved in the book. The way they are written is the way First Nations ... read more ››

Review: Stupid White Men, by Michael Moore

Stupid White Men By Michael Moore Published by Harper Collins 2001 Michael Moore is now my hero. He is also a filmmaker and a writer. His films include Roger & Me, The Big One, Canadian Bacon and he’s working on a new film called Bowling for Columbine. He has worked on the television ... read more ››