I am currently writing this column from Attwell Coffee in Mississauga, Ontario.

I don’t know how many happy Eeyou faces I’ve seen online with their trophy moose. Some selfies with their beasts made me chuckle – especially the one of my friend, Deputy Oujé-Bougoumou Chief Lance Cooper, posing with his moose in his Louis Vuitton bullet/knife bag. I always say, “Live large, you only live once!”

I haven’t shot my bull yet but I trust that the Creator will provide one just so I can replace the usual turkey with a thick moose filet mignon. I am much more thankful about where my Thanksgiving supper came from. Either way, I’ll still have my cranberry jelly sauce. What’s a Thanksgiving supper without the red stuff and jogging pants after supper?

We all have our guilty comfort pants. I have only one and that’s encouraging enough. I can’t indulge too much in that eating department as your boy Josh may marry soon! I don’t want an uninvited double chin gracing at the altar. That’s just me though. When that happens you will be the first to know.

I’ve got to say that October makes me more appreciative of colour. I have fun with my attire as well. I know Stan Wesley is with me on this one. If you ever have the chance to drive through Mont-Tremblant during this time you’ll know why I say you’ll be appreciative! Seeing the glory of all shades (even in Eeyou Istchee) makes you thankful that you’ve made it to another season. At least I do! Another season for great scarves and much layering, right cousin Beth?

It’s hockey season once again and I will be cheering for the Habs again this year, just because of Carey Price and because he’s “our” kind. We stick with each other, right? On the other hand, mother will cheer for her beloved Boston team and mother-in-law (to be) is with the Senators. I think it’s a good balance for the family.

I am sure that hockey enthusiasts will bombard their team across their FB pages. That’s perfectly fine. The good thing about it is that you may un-follow those who offend you; you know, the pesky annoying ones.

However, if you’re a “Ghaline” (according to my friend, Candy Gunner, who was told by anonymous tipster, “Ghaline” is a nosey and gossipy woman) then, you’ll follow anyone and anything. “Don’t be a Ghaline soundtrack,” Candy writes. “Let everyone enjoy Facebook.”

As Candy says: “We all have a little bit of Ghaline in us.” I think she’s right. Thanks Candy for the dreadful truth. “Just don’t go Ghalining too much.”

Much love from Mississauga and I’ll be seeing you around Eeyou Istchee when the snow falls. In the meantime, I’ll be sporting my Habs jersey up and down Yonge Street. I’ll be bold and I think I should bulk up first tho. Catch you all later, I’ve got to take on the road for Mistissini and Nemaska and get my bull. I have faith.