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Diablo II By Blizzard, Cree-friendly computers, and Gaming On the Palm Pilot III

By the Dark Wanderer I have waited for quite some time to get my hands on Diablo II. The hype on the net for this one was overwhelming. This is one of the few games that has such a large following that you can actually sell things you pick in ... read more ››

RAM Page: Europa Universalis, Windows 98

Europa Universalis By Strategy First The boys coming by immediately said “Old School” upon seeing the screen. These, of course, are the hopped-up, strung-out and overly stimulated MTV Gen types. “If it don’t grab me in five seconds, it’s not worth it,” says one. The same one who’ll spend all night drinking ... read more ››

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Cossack-European Wars by Strategy First The name Cossack derives from the Turkic word “kazak,” which means “free man” or “adventurer.” Indeed, the Cossack’s life was quite an adventure: this sub-ethnic group was formed and shaped in never-ending wars and conflicts. From the 16th through the 18* century the Cossacks were one of ... read more ››

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We’ll be looking at Alien Skin 4000, Freecell and Red Alert (old school) as well as getting used to your computers windows control panel. Once again if you have questions please email: We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. If there are any programs or types ... read more ››

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Welcome to a new column that will appear every two issues. This column will be about computer programs and equipment, what’s hot and what’s not. How many times have you bought a program (game or work related) and found nothing but garbage, or something that didn’t work out the way ... read more ››