The call came in from Martine, “So are you coming for the Career Fair in Nemaska?” she asked. I said I’d get back to her. After some thought, Neil and I decided to go. We packed up and gathered our career fair supplies. Business Cards… Check… Portfolio… Check-Posters… Check… Calendars… Check… Phone Books… Check-Film… Check… Reservations… Check. We’d been invited to other career fairs before but this was our first one that we felt we were

ready for. We missed the travel day to go to Nemaska due to a mix up, but all was under control. We left for Chibougoumau the next day on April 4th. At the airport, we were met by our driver Raymond. After a brief stop in town, we hit the Route du Nord by 10am. All was under control. The road wasn’t washed out so we would make it in good time.

We passed some camps along the way and my mind wandered to thoughts about the upcoming goose break. Suddenly we saw some people on the road wearing red vests, our driver slowed down. We recognized James Gunner along with seven of his youth walkers. We asked our driver to stop. We snapped some photos talked a bit (please see page 17. Ed.) and shared some cigs, oranges and chips with them and continued on to our destination. 1 pm we hit the turnoff to Nemaska, we reached town and dropped our bags off. We bade farewell to our driver Raymond and wished him a good journey back to Chibougoumau.

We were welcomed by Martine Blanc and Nellie Coonishish, organizers for the Fair. By 1:50pm we had our booth set up. We were ready for the throngs of nemaska-ites who wanted to become writers, photographers and such. The Gym of Ecole Luke Mettaweskum School was packed with future career possibilities for the youth. Towards the end, there were two computers drawn from the “passports” the students filled out with information from the fair. The winner from the Elementary side was Pedaban Decoursay and from the Secondary side, the lucky student was Nigel Orr. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and thank the organizing committee for the invitation.


They had Charlie Small from Canadore College, Robert Baribeau from Troilus. Nutritionist Claudia Lacoste from the Cree Health Board and from the local clinic was the Head Nurse Diane Poulin and Nurse Margaret Diamond. Cree Construction was represented by Isaac Meskino, Lee Ann Neeposh and Edna Neeposh represented Cree Regional Authority. From the Cree School Board, there were Lorraine Beaton and Jeane Tremblath. Eric Cheezo, Kenny Tanoushjohn Tent and Abel Wapachee represented the Local Cree Trappers Association. George Swallow and Samuel Mettaweskum represented the Fire Protection Service of Nemaska First Nation. Jean-Benoit Clément represented the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Vincent Sioui from Hydro Québec. Ella Swallow, the Arts and Crafts Coordinator for Nemaska First Nation. Lawrence Jimiken and Brenda Jane Wapachee represented the Nemaska First Nation. The Nemaska Police Service was represented by Kelly Merchand and Clarence Jolly. From the Nemaska Wellness Centre, Lindsey Brown and Kathleen Neeposh were there. Sherry Ann L. Wapachee, Elizabeth Wapachee and Charlotte Meskino represented the She She Guin Kannowesheukimik (Daycare). Caroline Guay represented the Sûreté du Québec. There was also Harry Whiskeychan, a Handicraft Artist and Timmy Whiskeychan, an Artist Painter. From The Nation/Beesum Communications, Neil and I had the honour.

The organizing committee included Nellie Coonishish, Martine Blanc, Metha Boss and Lillian Diamond. Thomas Jolly provided support for the fair. Telebec was a sponsor for the event.