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Weathering Out The Weather

I’m not sure how many people like to watch the Weather Network, but I watch it religiously, making sure that I have the next 3 days forecast down pat, so that I may add a few more details to our daily debates and enabling me to have the last word ... read more ››

Happy Mother’s Day & Heating up Mother Earth

What makes the world go round, ooooohhh, la la la la lalaooooh…for some reason the Gibb brothers’ words go through my mind over and over again. The Beegees in their heyday sure could croon a tune. Back to reality. It’s Mother’s Day this 13 of May and many wishes to ... read more ››

Summit Mania and Spring Fever

I tried to think of something to write about for this issue but my mind came up blank after seeing a naked protestor mooning the riot squad, who promptly retaliated with their water cannon square full on his bare hiney at the much publicized Summit of the Americas at our ... read more ››

Petroleum vs Dog Chow

In the good old days, most people were slim and trim and in reasonably good health. Then along came good old Bombardier and Mercury who introduced the effortless mode of transportation: skidoos and outboard motors. This changed the lifestyle of many a northerner and young fold these days probably have ... read more ››

Who Does Rez Notes?

I got a call from Neil Diamond and he told me that many faithful readers and fans have come to the conclusion that he has been writing the Reznotes since time immemorial. Neil Diamond has been taking the last 9 months off, dear fans (and hate e-mailers) and this has ... read more ››

Zen and the Art of Mammon

Ever wonder what it takes to be a successful businessperson? Did you know that the odds of making a business success is formidable, with the odds that 99% of enterprises that get started fail within the first year and only 5% of that 1 % make it past five years? ... read more ››

Lead us not to Temptation Island

Imagine you and your significant partner with a dozen other couples stranded on a deserted island with only your wits and piety to preserve yourself and your sanities. This sounds like Temptation Island to me and guess what. Crees and many other indigenous peoples around the world have been in ... read more ››

Misfortune 500

Long ago, when the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement was hailed as the first comprehensive modern day treaty, fiscal deficits were regarded as being bad, bad, bad, and bad. Now, these days, I’m pig-biting mad when I hear of $30 million dollar losses. Is this a normal state of ... read more ››

How to be a Superstar

Man, was I surprised to see Neil Diamond and Wernie Ebb jump out the plane and onto the frozen tarmac. They immediately shivered in the arctic winds and disappeared into the circa 1950’s hangar after a few soul greetings and handshakes. Little did I know that they were going to ... read more ››

Bob and Jane do Valentine’s Day

Bob’s Version of events He sent her flowers and the usual e-mail with exploding flowers and chocolate flavoured everything and she still refused to be his valentine. Geeze, Bob thinks. God. What does it take to make this lady happy enough to go out with me on the most hallowed of all ... read more ››

Meeting of the Minds

This issue, both REZnotes writers are together and writing this column. This is a conversation (supposed to be an interview). TOAO- “So, how was your Christmas?” I ask Neil Diamond. “Mine wasn’t so bad this year, got my black socks (again) and some new longjohns. What kinda loot did you get?” NDIAMON- Loot? ... read more ››

Let the Games Begin

Ahhh, tourney time in Vat d’Or again, good old VD will be swinging this year due to new talent from the baby boomer babies, fresh new talent galore. Them baby boomers all out cheering for their favourite son or daughter as they take on Eeyou’s finest broom bailers and hockey ... read more ››

Christmas Fever…Attacks Entire Continent

Christmas Time is a coming, Christmas Time’s a coming!… Ever get stuck with a Christmas carol repeating itself over and over again, one of those new catchy tunes, like Redrider’s version of the Chipmunk’s hit Christmas Rock (one of my favorite x-mas ditties). At least it looks like Christmas outside, I ... read more ››

Election Fever…Attacks Entire Continent

Bush, vs Gore, Chretien vs Day, Coon-come vs Fontaine and the list goes on. Who the hell knows who to vote for any more. Somedays I wonder if elections really do matter and if the results of those promises made by the winners actually come true. Perhaps there’s a way ... read more ››

101 Bodgegies

“Heeehheeeheehaaahaaahooohhooo”said the dentist in a sinister ghostly voice, somehow making me feel like he’s laughing all the way to the bank. “…” say the little goblins after feasting on Halloween candies for a week straight, now in prone position at the dental clinic. Yup. I believe that everyone wins big time during ... read more ››

The New Age of Hunting

Did you ever notice the increase of hunters out there during peak seasons? Seems to me that everyone’s out hunting and this is encouraging to know that traditional pursuits are still being practiced. But, there is a gang of diehards who’ll go out everyday, no matter what, after work is ... read more ››

This is a homage to those who attend meetings in places other than Cree communities.

This is a homage to those who attend meetings in places other than Cree communities. I decided to dedicate my participation in this issue to those poor unfortunate wretches whom we rarely see in communities, those who must travel, travel and travel continuously just to attend meetings, go to boring ... read more ››