Did you ever notice the increase of hunters out there during peak seasons? Seems to me that everyone’s out hunting and this is encouraging to know that traditional pursuits are still being practiced. But, there is a gang of diehards who’ll go out everyday, no matter what, after work is over for the day.

I belong to an elite club, namely, “the triple h club.” We’re known as the “I wonder what happened to that guy. Must have left town” characters as perceived by others who don’t know us or what we do during our spare time.

We like to hunt after work.

“Long time no see!” we’re told amongst throngs of well wishers.

“Tell me, where have you been?” ask curious patrons of the local watering hole.

“done hunting, everyday, for the last six weeks,” I reply.

(Cries of exclamation) “Ooohh, how many did you get?” is the usual response.

“FIVE!” I proudly exclaim.

(Silence….) (Heads shaking disguised as nods of approval.)

“Not bad….I got two last week up in (a top secret hunting spot),” encouraged a happy friend. He was obviously cheering for us.

“So….” I continue, “I leave at 5:00 in the evening, right after work. Then I ride off at top speed to get to some semblance of a hunting spot and wait for the six o’clock flight (of unlucky geese). Usually I get about two hours at the most of hunting. So far so good.”

“Not like the old days,” grumbles an old timer. “I’d be out before sunrise and sometimes wouldn’t come back for days. None of this one hour hunting thing.”

Hmmm..I think to myself.

“Well. I prefer fresh air to stale beer any day!” I zing back. “I belong to the Happy Hour Hunters Club and have substituted beer for hunting by upstanding to our tradition as people who live off the land, no matter what, where and when, during hunting season. I’m out there and happy for an hour or two.” My gang nods with approval and support.

“But nothing beats a cold one…” (Cheers from the patrons).

Some times I wonder….

How to tell if you’re a candidate for the triple h club:

10. You’re using the same shells you bought two years ago.

9. Somehow, you have someone else’s raincoat/pants/gear.

8. You cling to the notion that lead is harmless if not applied by gunshot wound….

7. Your teabags in your packsack are getting moldy.

6. You believe that 16 gauge is shotgun heaven.

5. .22 short, too.

4. Sunsets are the most interesting part of the day.

3. You only pick berries and talk of the big flocks you’ve seen at a great distance through binoculars.

2. You eat your berries and then lie about it when you get home.

1. You always empty your gun into the wild blue yonder at a hopelessly high flock just to impress other hunters within hearing range.

0. You own a three shot bolt action 10 gauge goose gun with adjustable choke.