Volume 23, Issue 3

"Mr. Hockey: My Story" Book Review

Considered by no less than Bobby Orr and Wayne Gretzky as the greatest player to play professional hockey, Gordie Howe now offers his own take on his career, early life and the upbringing that produced the athlete known as “Mr. Hockey.” Born in Floral, Saskatchewan, Howe grew up in Saskatoon with ... read more ››

"of the North" – Quebec filmmaker uses YouTube and unauthorized music to portray the Inuit

“Everything you need to know is in the first scene he picked, the scene with the nude Inuit girl sitting on the white man’s leg,” said an angry viewer as she left a theatre at the Université du Québec à Montréal in disgust half-way through a festival film screening. “He’s ... read more ››

A lifesaving conversation: Dialogue for life conference focuses on suicide prevention

“We were once a very strong, powerful and loving people,” said Chisasibi healer Harry Snowboy. “We need to get that spirit back. I saw a glimpse of it in the old people I grew up around – how strong we are. It’s not something that is lost. It’s only something ... read more ››

Anti-poverty projects take shape and Provincial funding begins to flow following Val-d’Or crisis

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard is quickly making good on his promise to fund projects in Val-d’Or in the wake of the crisis sparked by allegations of abuse by marginalized Native women against Surêté du Québec officers in the northern city. “It’s all good news,” said Val-d’Or Native Friendship Centre director Edith ... read more ››

Business awards

The First Peoples’ Business Association has announced the winners of its 2nd “Gala des Prix d’Excellence Mishtapew.” Waswanipi Mishtuk Corp. got a prize for Support to Local Native Entrepreneurs. Peter Gull, director of Waswanipi’s Apit-See-Win Coop, won for Workforce Development. Also winning was Denis Kistabish, of Services de Traduction du Nord, who ... read more ››

Chocolate cookies for Santa

For chocolate lovers the Christmas season is all about trying to see how many different ways you can make something from one of the world’s most celebrated foods. If you haven’t yet purchased something special for the chocolate lover on your list, the Guittard Chocolate Cookbook is 100% devoted to recipes ... read more ››

Cree diabetes rate SOARS AGAIN

The Cree women of Northern Quebec have the second-highest rate of gestational diabetes reported in an Aboriginal group worldwide. That’s the finding of a two-year study published May 4 in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Nearly 13 per cent of Cree women giving birth were found to have gestational diabetes, which occurs ... read more ››

Driving the deadly winter roads

It is again the time we have to deal with snow, icy roads, freezing rain and sometimes blizzards. I love the north and enjoy all that winter offers but I also realize just how deadly the roads and highways can be this time of the year. More and more people I ... read more ››

Finger-licking good

Well it has finally happened, everyone In Attawapiskat can actually just walk down the street and pick up Kentucky Fried Chicken or a pizza from Pizza Hut. If you are a First Nation person you understand how we Crees love our Kentucky Fried Chicken. Up to now this was one ... read more ››

Four Cree Officers Honoured

Four Cree police officers were honoured with awards at a Quebec City conference on policing by the province’s First Nations. Sam House of Chisasibi and Reggie Bobbish, who works with the CRA in Nemaska, Waskaganish’s Jim Hester and David Kakabat of Wemindji won the Aboriginal Police Community Service medals. The medal was ... read more ››

Holiday Entertaining: Delightful dishes that will have your guests singing Hallelujah!

If you’re looking for an impressive Christmas spread or tasty snack ideas between meals, culinary stars Lidia Matticchio Bastianich and Nigella Lawson both have new books that will help you put your best dishes forward during the holiday season. Lidia’s Mastering the Art of Italian Cuisine is a must-have for lovers ... read more ››

Hometown Dream – Melisa Pash talk about opening for country star Johnny Reid in Chisasibi

I have been performing since I was a little girl. It has always been a part of who I am. First it was piano recitals, then cello, orchestra, lip-synching and then finally singing my own songs with my guitar and a full band to crowds so large, it still blows ... read more ››

Ice storm disaster to remain a mystery

We’ll never know why Hydro-Quebec’s system failed prematurely in the 1998 ice storm. That’s the conclusion of the Nicolet commission, which has released its report into Canada’s worst recorded disaster. Hydro-Quebec failed to compile data on why its lines collapsed, the commission found. Clean-up crews also didn’t safeguard damaged components of ... read more ››

Quebec slammed on diabetes “timebomb”

Calling the diabetes epidemic a ticking “timebomb,” Cree officials slammed the Quebec government for ignoring warnings about the health crisis for years. They were responding to a new study that found Crees have one of the world’s highest diabetes rates. “It’s quite shocking to me,” said Bill Namagoose, executive director of ... read more ››


Sam Bosum is the new chief of Ouje-Bougoumou. He was elected on April 30 with 58 per cent of the vote, or 140 of 241 valid ballots. Louise Wapachee, the incumbent chief, gathered 71 votes, or 29 per cent. In third place was Joseph Shecapio-Blacksmith, who was one of Wapachee’s most ... read more ››

Sharing, caring and you

Every Christmas, I encourage people to open their hearts and wallets for those less fortunate. According to a Facebook post, Oujé-Bougoumou Chief Curtis Bosum thinks much the same way. “Some thoughts as we enter the holiday season,” Bosum wrote. “It is important to remember that not everyone is surrounded by large wonderful ... read more ››

The Nation nominated for eight awards

The Nation has been nominated for eight awards by the Quebec Community Newspaper Association. The winners will be announced at the QCNA spring convention held in picturesque Hotel Mont Gabriel May 28 and 29. The QCNA has 32 member papers. A new entry for the awards is columnist Xavier Kataquapit. Sally ... read more ››

Time for reflection

The other day my friend Tina and I chatted how a year can make a big difference, how life takes us from one place to another. Yes, we’re a year older, wiser or, for some, wilder. We’ve changed or tried not to change. The choice is ours; that’s the beauty of ... read more ››

Time for self reflection: Val d'Or working to improve race relations says Mayor Corbeil

Val-d’Or Mayor Pierre Corbeil says the city is working to improve the safety of its Aboriginal residents following the bombshell allegations of abuse by local Sûreté du Québec (SQ) officers against Aboriginal women. He said he is working in concert with the Grand Council and MP Romeo Saganash to improve ... read more ››

What’s the dealio?

Hydro-Quebec is pushing a partnership deal with the Crees on its proposed $2-billion-plus Rupert-Eastmain hydro-electric project. Here’s what the project would look like. The facts of the deal Cost: $2.2 to $2.8 billion (depending on which of the two variants is chosen) How much would be flooded by the proposed EM-1 reservoir: 624 ... read more ››