Volume 10, Issue 24

‘Skag Airport to Reopen

The Waskaganish airport has been closed since September 15 and is set to reopen again on October 16, if all goes well. It is undergoing a range of improvements, such as refilling the gravel runway, taxiway and apron, restoring the access road to the airport and replacing the signs. The ... read more ››

A City Free of Cars

Having lived in the city now for over 12 years, one of the things that constantly tries my patience is the traffic. The endless throngs of cars, trucks and gas-guzzling, environment-killing SUVs that plunge through the streets can turn an otherwise beautiful day into one where you are gasping for ... read more ››

Bigfoot in Chisasibi: Myth or Reality?

There have been many sightings of a sasquatch-like being around the community of Chisasibi lately. It all started when one man noticed huge footprints down by the beach. The next thing you knew everyone was claiming to have seen Bigfoot. According to some elders, he (or she) is said to have loved ... read more ››

Chisasibi Walk-a-thon

On October 1, 35 members of the Chisasibi Sports and Recreation Association undertook a major challenge – participating in a long-distance walk-a-thon. The walk began in Rouyn-Noranda and is scheduled to make stops in Val d’Or, Amos, Matagami, and Radisson, before reaching their final destination of Chisasibi October 25. When all is ... read more ››

Club Med for EM-1

The main camp being set up to accommodate the 3,000 people who will work on the Eastmain-1 hydroelectric development project (EM1) is well under construction. Among the services that will be available on site will be a sporting complex and gymnasium with all the bells and whistles, sure to be ... read more ››

Community Spirit, Community Recognition

In the newspaper business you always look for stories of community spirit and sharing. When one happens close to home, you can get the intimate details, and you realize how important spirit is to a community and the people living in that community. What happened is simple. A relative of ours ... read more ››

Cree Film Huge Success in T.O.

“One more river,” a documentary that gave an in-depth examination of the process the Cree Nation went through before and after the signing of the “Paix des Braves” with Quebec, made it’s North American debut in Toronto on October 3,2003. The film was produced by the Cree Company Rezolution Pictures, which ... read more ››

Curbing Chisasibi Drinking

The community of Chisasibi is in mourning. Four months after the deaths of three of its community members in an alcohol-related car accident, the town is still trying to come to terms with what happened. Christopher Cookish, Lydia Petawabano, and William Matthew died this past summer on their way back from ... read more ››

Making the Grade

Some days it just seems like when you wake up and listen to the local gossip, life is as near to soap opera as you can get, without getting the local bill from the cable or satellite network. All calls are local and usually from just across the street or ... read more ››

Meanwhile, in the City…

I don’t know what it is about a teepee, considering I have only been in one a few times, but whenever I see one in the city, I get that feeling of being home, a sensation of being back in the womb. On Friday, September 19, as I showed up ... read more ››

Safety Tips Series – Part 3 of 3

Staying safe with a babysitter (all ages): When choosing a trustworthy babysitter you must keep in mind what is best for your children. The person you choose must know how to keep your child out of harm’s way, and how to handle an emergency if one arises. Keep a list ... read more ››

Self Sufficiency is a Way of Life in Remote First Nation Communities

It is a way of life in the north to be resourceful and self-sufficient. People learn from a young age to fix, maintain or even build whatever they need to get a job done. Hunters and food gatherers out on the land have to be able to find solutions to ... read more ››

Suriname: Beyond Appearances

If you pick up a magazine on tourism or the environment these days, you will likely see the term “eco-tourism” splashed about the pages. It has become a catchphrase that is applied to anything that has to do with outdoor travel and recreation. However, its true meaning bears a lofty ... read more ››

The Governator

Arnold Schwarzenegger takes on a new role as ‘the Governator’ for the state of California. For the first time in Californian history, the public has exercised a recall provision in the law that allows the people to remove a Governor in his first year in office. Arnold Schwarzenegger had the ... read more ››

Whapmagoostui Joyrider

The Whapmagoostui Police Force received a call for a conjugal violence situation shortly after midnight in the morning of October 8. Police drove to the residence of Joel George of Whapmagoostui, 20 years old. Police say they were met with an unexpected firearms situation. The police said that a man brandished ... read more ››