The Governator

Arnold Schwarzenegger takes on a new role as ‘the Governator’ for the state of California. For the first time in Californian history, the public has exercised a recall provision in the law that allows the people to remove a Governor in his first year in office. Arnold Schwarzenegger had the ... read more ››

Three Little Words

I guess some amount of commerce would grind to a halt if telephone solicitors weren’t able to call people at home during dinner hour, supper hour or during your favourite television show. But that doesn’t make it any more pleasant. The good news is that this problem has been solved. Steve ... read more ››

Blueberries: Forgottin Legacy

In James Bay, another blueberry season has come and gone. The real interesting fact is that the uses of blueberries continue well after our feeding frenzy is over. While blueberries do grow in Asia and Europe, it is the North American varieties, and more particular, the use of them by ... read more ››