There have been many sightings of a sasquatch-like being around the community of Chisasibi lately.

It all started when one man noticed huge footprints down by the beach. The next thing you knew everyone was claiming to have seen Bigfoot.

According to some elders, he (or she) is said to have loved the land, and had a duty to look after it. At one point in history, it is said that native people lived alongside this or these creatures in perfect harmony. Until one day where he or she decided to go deep into the bush and take care of the land, never to return. Unless of course, the community became troubled in some way.

The recent events in Chisasibi and elsewhere in Indian country may have been a call for help to this powerful, yet friendly beast.

People we spoke to in Chisasibi were divided about the existence of Bigfoot.

Eric House said quite simply “He’s always been there, and always will be.”

Others like Annie Bearskin are more skeptical, “I don’t believe in that,” she said.

Some people, like Delores Audet Washipabano, couldn’t make up their mind, “I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I think the possibility is there.”

Whether Bigfoot is real or imagined may never be proven, but one thing is for certain, it makes a great story!