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The year ahead

Happy New Year to all of you! It is my hope that we all succeed and triumph over the obstacles we may face in 2015. I can honestly say that 2014 was an incredible one. I saw this little curly blonde girl on YouTube standing in front of her washroom ... read more ››

Why I Like Dab Iyiyuu

Dab Iyiyuu or Real People, are hard to come by these days. Sometimes I wonder if they are still around. They are scarce and I hope, not a dying breed like some people may claim, and say we are losing as a people and a nation. The francophone used to ... read more ››

Roadblock Closes Chisasibi After Police Officer’s Suspension

Angry Chisasibi residents erected a blockade on the only road into the community last week after Assistant Director of Policing Larry Ross was handed a 30-day suspension and resigned from the force as a result. Ross, a Mohawk, was suspended by Director of Policing Harry Snowboy Oct. 15 for seven counts ... read more ››

Making the Grade

Some days it just seems like when you wake up and listen to the local gossip, life is as near to soap opera as you can get, without getting the local bill from the cable or satellite network. All calls are local and usually from just across the street or ... read more ››

‘Skag Airport to Reopen

The Waskaganish airport has been closed since September 15 and is set to reopen again on October 16, if all goes well. It is undergoing a range of improvements, such as refilling the gravel runway, taxiway and apron, restoring the access road to the airport and replacing the signs. The ... read more ››

Bigfoot in Chisasibi: Myth or Reality?

There have been many sightings of a sasquatch-like being around the community of Chisasibi lately. It all started when one man noticed huge footprints down by the beach. The next thing you knew everyone was claiming to have seen Bigfoot. According to some elders, he (or she) is said to have loved ... read more ››

Meanwhile, in the City…

I don’t know what it is about a teepee, considering I have only been in one a few times, but whenever I see one in the city, I get that feeling of being home, a sensation of being back in the womb. On Friday, September 19, as I showed up ... read more ››

New Opportunities Provided For Natives In Prison

The Government of Canada and the Waseskun Healing Centre have reinforced their joint commitment to building safe communities by signing the Corrections and Conditional Release Act Section 81 Agreement. The agreement states that there will be more of a possibility for inmates in minimum security to serve out their sentence at ... read more ››

All Smiles in the ‘Skag

What a difference a decade can bring. That’s how long it’s been since the Grand Council/CRA Annual General Assembly was last held in Waskaganish. That was also the year The Nation first covered the event for its inaugural issue. According to the story that appeared in the magazine, Grand Chief Matthew ... read more ››

When The Rain Comes

Rainy days always seem to bring about a down or depressed mood. In a small remote community in the north this kind of weather can have a less-than-desirable impact. The gray, sunless weather depresses many in the community and also creates a muddy, wet mess for the entire town. Most ... read more ››