The Whapmagoostui Police Force received a call for a conjugal violence situation shortly after midnight in the morning of October 8. Police drove to the residence of Joel George of Whapmagoostui, 20 years old.

Police say they were met with an unexpected firearms situation. The police said that a man brandished a firearm in a menacing manner and pointed the gun at family members.

He was apparently in an extremely agitated state according to the police. At this point, the police, caught off guard with this dangerous situation, retreated. At around 1 am, the suspect allegedly stole a police vehicle in front of his house. He then had control of the vehicle for a period of time. Given the immediate lack of communication by radio, the Kativik Regional Police Force was also unaware of the firearm situation and the commandeering of the po lice vehicle by the suspect.

Joel George surrendered 10 hours later and was in the custody of Whapmagoostui Police Force by 10:30 am.

George has a prior history of assault and aggravated behaviour, according to Deputy Chief Ruth Masty.

Masty said however that George posed no harm to the general public during the incident. At the Nation’s press time, no charges had yet been laid.