Volume 9, Issue 7

Air Creebec, A Cree Choice

Air Creebec’s President Albert Diamond was Recently featured on RDI’s Circuit PME, a French-language television show about small business. Diamond presented Air Creebec quite well to the French speaking population. It was something that Diamond said he was glad to do. The Nation: You were on Circuit PME. How did it ... read more ››

Arrests overshadow signing

Premier Bernard Landry called it “the peace of the brave,” but the signing of the Agreement between the Crees and Quebec in Waskaganish Feb. 7 was marred by scuffles and two vigorous arrests by police from six Eeyou Istchee communities who erected a wall of security around the ceremony. The first ... read more ››

Cree Space Cadets, Take Note

According to a recent report in the London Daily Telegraph, space tourists are now able to purchase tickets to travel on a NASA-aproved rocket to the international space station, but liars, drunks and delinquents need not apply. NASA has reluctantly agreed to allowing more amateur astronauts make the voyage into space ... read more ››

Eeyou Istchee Consortium

There is a new player in the expanding world of Cree organizations. The Eeyou Istchee Consortium has been formed in the wake of the new agreement between the Cree and the government of Quebec. The Consortium is designed to orchestrate Cree resources to help meet the expected growing demand for ... read more ››

In search of Whapmagoostui Spirit

To get to the Cree/lnuit communities of Whapmagoostui/Kuujjuarapik without wings you must go off road from Radisson or Chisasibi. Modern courreur des bois might traverse the 175 rugged kilometres of wilderness by ATV or snowmobile or hop on a cargo ship to the southeast curve of Hudson’s Bay … We ... read more ››

Taxi Driver Survival Tips

In my long list of occupational hazards, driving a taxi has to be somewhere near the top level dangerous jobs, right next to nuclear bomb testers, action-hero stunt actors, Preparation H guinea pigs and deep-cover journalist operatives in Afghanistan. Many of these jobs come with some form of insurance and ... read more ››

the Dogs Ear

Reviewed by Will Nicholls The Courage to Change A Teen Survival Guide By the Leave Out Violence Youth Published by Second Story Press Courage to Change is a collection of personal stories by teens who have experienced violence from both sides: They have been both victims and victimizers. It is ... read more ››

Time to heal our communities

It feels like forever since I wrote an editorial. Or should I say since I felt like writing an editorial? There have been great events happening in Eeyou Istchee. A decision has been made. What the consequences of that decision will be or whether it will even be honoured is something ... read more ››

Under the Northern Sky A Gold for First Nations at the Olympics

I watched the opening ceremonies of the 11th Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah this past week and like everyone I was amazed at the music and theatrical show that took place. The Olympics is a major world event that is very popular in the remote First Nation northern ... read more ››

White Privilege Part II

[Note: A version of this essay ran in the Perspective section of the Baltimore Sun on July 4, 1999. It is a follow-up to an essay on the same subject that ran in July 1998. By writing about the politics of white privilege—and listening to the folks who responded to that ... read more ››

Will on the Grill

Even in winter There is fishing. Recently when I went home I had a chance to help out my uncle Luke and Cousin Casey with a little winter fishing. No simple ice holes here. A net was put under the ice and the result was some very tasty walleye and ... read more ››