ARTICLES BY Danielle Valade

Hanging out eco-style: The first truly ecological lodge in Canada is on the shores of Lake Matagami

The fire that heats the hot tub sits beneath the water’s surface. A fresh August wind cuts briskly through the northern Quebec forest, pinching bare shoulders. Whitecaps whip across Matagami Lake – in sharp contrast with the steam from the fragrant cedar tub. The welcome is warm at the Ecolodge. As ... read more ››

“Can Anyone Hear My Plea, I am on a Fast Road to Extinction” – Looking at a Powerful Film on the Fate of the Innu Of Labrador

The Mushuau Innu – Surviving Canada is a documentary written, produced and directed by Ed Martin about the appalling tragedy of the Labrador Innu. Canada, a country that much of the world views as one of the best places to live, is, in fact, where cultural genocide is still taking ... read more ››

Trapline Tale: A Will to Change

Harry Capissisit’s last wishes were simple: to leave his trapline to his sister. Upon his death in 2002, because there were no other men in his family, he wanted to pass trapline W15 to his 68-year-old sister Jane, and later to her grandson Steve Coulombe. However, Harry’s wish is controversial. The ... read more ››

In search of Whapmagoostui Spirit

To get to the Cree/lnuit communities of Whapmagoostui/Kuujjuarapik without wings you must go off road from Radisson or Chisasibi. Modern courreur des bois might traverse the 175 rugged kilometres of wilderness by ATV or snowmobile or hop on a cargo ship to the southeast curve of Hudson’s Bay … We ... read more ››