Volume 8, Issue 10

30 Times More UFOs in North

UFOs love the north. A survey has found northern Canadians have a 30 times better chance of seeing a UFO than average. Yukon residents have a 100 times greater chance. These are some of the conclusions of a research group that puts out an annual report on UFO sightings across Canada. For the ... read more ››

Accident Claims Boy’s Life

A tragic accident on a private road off Highway 113 took the life of a 12-year-old Waswanipi on March 3. The boy was with two other children on a sled being pulled by a snowmobile. The sled was hit by a non-Native man driving a Jeep Cherokee with a plow mounted ... read more ››

And the Winners Are…

This year’s 14 National Aboriginal Achievement Award winners include author Tomson Highway, athlete Waneek Horn-Miller and former NHL coach Ted Nolan. The awards were given out at a gala evening March 16 in Edmonton. The other winners: doctors Freda Ahenakew and Lindsay Crowshoe, Nunavut Elder and carver Mariano Aupilardjuk, filmmakers Roman ... read more ››

Crees to go to Court over Skidoo Trails

Cree trappers in the Chapais-Chibougamau area are facing hundreds of dollars in fines if they use snowmobile trails that cut across their traplines. A Waswanipi trapper got a $500 fine recently while going to his trapline. If he doesn’t pay, he can lose his driver’s license and the fine could go ... read more ››

Goose Fever

The coming of spring breathes new life into the frozen James Bay coast. Winters are long and hard for my people, the James Bay Crees. After months of up to minus-40 and even 50 below zero, everyone welcomes the change in the season with longer days, with more light and ... read more ››

Housing Crisis Causes Health Emergency

In a quiet voice, Chisasibi Elder Marion Sam Cox gave dramatic testimony about the impacts of the Cree housing crisis before MPs in Ottawa last week. “I couldn’t go to work a lot of times because I had severe headaches and asthma attacks all the time,” Cox said in Cree through ... read more ››


For a number of years now there have been Wellness Journeys happening in Eeyou Istchee. While the Nation has been on hand to see people off or arriving, we’ve never been on one. This winter I decided it was time that we participated in a Wellness Journey. I wanted to ... read more ››

liberal MPs Slam Indian Affairs

Liberal MPs blasted their own government last week for letting housing conditions deteriorate into a crisis in the Cree communities. “I believe people in the Indian Affairs department are working as hermits,” said Guy St-Julien, Liberal MP for Abitibi-Baie James-Nunavik. “They are working in an ivory tower. They don’t know what’s happening in ... read more ››

Strawberry Anyone?

While on the Wellness journey I shared a Legend with a friend. He said I should share it with everyone as it doesn’t negate Christianity but adds to it. I will write as I remember it. In the beginning the Creator made the earth, animals and plants. He created First Man ... read more ››

The National Great Outdoor Show 2001

The first thing you notice about the Great Outdoor Show is that it is held indoors. Once you get your head around that small detail you are free to delve into an exhibition that boasts some 600 exhibitors all eager to show you their wares. A small but vital team ... read more ››

Who Does Rez Notes?

I got a call from Neil Diamond and he told me that many faithful readers and fans have come to the conclusion that he has been writing the Reznotes since time immemorial. Neil Diamond has been taking the last 9 months off, dear fans (and hate e-mailers) and this has ... read more ››