UFOs love the north. A survey has found northern Canadians have a 30 times better chance of seeing a UFO than average.

Yukon residents have a 100 times greater chance.

These are some of the conclusions of a research group that puts out an annual report on UFO sightings across Canada.

For the fifth year in a row, the survey found a higher-than-normal number of sightings in Canada’s northern territories.

With only 0.1 percent of the Canadian population, Yukon last year had 10 percent of the sightings in the country — or 26 out of 263 sightings across Canada.

People in lyiyuuschii have also told The Nation about lots of UFO sightings, including police in Chisasibi, a family at its camp near Lebel-sur-Quévillon, a teacher in Mistissini and an Elder in Waswanipi.

“For some reason there really are more objects in the north,” said Chris Rutkowski, research coordinator of UFOIogy Research of Manitoba, the group that did the study.

“It’s a bit unusual. It doesn’t make sense to have that many in the north.”

Rutkowski likes to call them PFTs, short for Pesky Flying Things. His group’s studies have found that since 1996, the Yukon and NWT — with 98,000 people — reported 135 sightings, or 10 percent of all the sightings in Canada. That’s more sightings than Quebec, which has 7 million people but only 114 sightings.

“We’re not saying that aliens are invading Canada, only that people continue to report UFOs quite regularly,” said the group when it released the study.

“Most UFOs have simple explanations, but the unexplained ones are still interesting, although not necessarily from Mars. Report numbers are increasing.”

UFOs are changing, said Rutkowski. These days there are less flying saucers and more “round objects like balls” and triangular, delta-shaped objects.

One possible explanation is they are experimental military aircraft, like deltashaped stealth fighters. -A.R.

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