Volume 7, Issue 26

12 Times More Assault In Iyiyuuschii

Assault rates in the Cree communities are 12 times the Quebec average, says Ken Hilt, the regional Cree police coordinator. In one Cree community, the rate is a whopping 32 times higher, he said. Hilt wouldn’t identify the community, saying only, “I’d hate to name them. I don’t think they’d be proud ... read more ››

Alliance Would End Native Tax Exemptions

The Canadian Alliance was on the defensive after an internal party document leaked out that revealed a secret agenda for the country. If elected, the right-wing party promises to eliminate tax exemptions for on-reserve First Nations people, according to a report in the Globe and Mail. The party would also hold a ... read more ››

Election Canada 2000

No one will say the Canadian election will be as hotly contested as the U.S. presidential race, at least those in their right minds. Prime Minister Chretien called the election not as a result of taunts from Stockwell Day, but because he felt he could win another term becoming one ... read more ››

Election Fever…Attacks Entire Continent

Bush, vs Gore, Chretien vs Day, Coon-come vs Fontaine and the list goes on. Who the hell knows who to vote for any more. Somedays I wonder if elections really do matter and if the results of those promises made by the winners actually come true. Perhaps there’s a way ... read more ››

Grant Off to Juniors

Waswanipi teenage hockey wizard Travis Grant is skating a little lighter this season after he was the first draft choice in the third round of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. Grant was drafted by the Foreurs of Val d’Or. Since he just turned 16, he’s still too young and is ... read more ››

Help Free Peltier!

U.S. President Bill Clinton has pledged to give Native political prisoner Leonard Peltier a “fair hearing” in his request for clemency. Clinton will review Peltier’s case in the 10 weeks before he leaves the White House. Peltier supporters believe this may be the last chance to get him out. Call the White House ... read more ››

Let the Music Lift our Hearts

Not long ago I discovered a fantastic initiative in Nibinamik First Nation, north of Thunder Bay, Ontario. A music program has been running that is making a difference in the lives of young people in the community. This program is basically set up with instruction by two professional musicians to ... read more ››

Noosekan at Centre of Waskaganish Storm

Waskaganish was abuzz last month about a letter by former chief Billy Diamond harshly criticizing the current chief, Robert Weistche. The widely distributed seven-page letter, dated Sept. 28, followed a dispute between the band and Diamond in his capacity as president of Noosekan, the band’s construction joint venture. During the summer, the ... read more ››

Time to Party

Well it has been a busy month and it hasn’t even gotten into Christmas yet. I love the United States election process for two reasons. One is that they get to elect their leader independent of the party. Of course the way they elect the leader is a bit weird ... read more ››

Upheaval at Native Friendship Centre

Montreal’s Native Friendship Centre is in turmoil after a new board of directors suspended its two top administrators and placed them under investigation. The sudden suspensions have sent shockwaves through Montreal’s 50,000-strong Native community. The investigation was announced in a terse, two-paragraph communiqué sent out by the centre on Oct. 31, just ... read more ››

Waskaganish Band to Rein in Police

The Waskaganish band is in the middle of considering major reforms to its police force just as allegations of police brutality surface in the community. One band official said some police officers are not accountable to the community. “Complaints are getting lost in the shuffle and are not being followed up ... read more ››

Young Mother, Infant Die in Cabin Fire

The Senneterre Cree community is in shock after a terrible tragedy at a hunting camp claimed the lives of a young mother and her infant son during the moose break. The two died in a fire that enveloped their hunting cabin 105 kilometres east of Senneterre by logging road. The deceased are ... read more ››