Waswanipi teenage hockey wizard Travis Grant is skating a little lighter this season after he was the first draft choice in the third round of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.

Grant was drafted by the Foreurs of Val d’Or. Since he just turned 16, he’s still too young and is playing the season as a centre with the Amos Forestiers Midget AAA team.

“The Foreurs have an option to take him when he’s ready,” said Foreurs general manager Stéphane Pilotte.

“We absolutely wanted to have him. There were other teams that wanted him. He shows great talent,” he said.

Grant, who is 6’1”, already has quite the career under his belt. He’s been playing the game since age 4, joined the Chibougamau Novice team at 9, then played three years in Quebec City and Montreal, before coming back home at 13 to play for the Cree Nation Bears Bantam CC team.

“He’s dreaming to play in the NHL. He’s got a chance – he’s still young,” said proud father Jos Saganash. Dad was a hockey legend in his own right, playing centre for the Gatineau Junior A team and the Apollos of Val d’Or, a Juvenile AAA crew.

By the beginning of November, Grant’s Forestiers had a 3-1 game record. Last year, they were fourth in their division.