Volume 15, Issue 20

Anishinabek to negotiate forestry rights

The Anishinabek Nation announced July 30 that negotiations on a new forestry deal are set to begin with the Ontario government. The goal is to enable all 42 Anishinabek communities to gain better access to and stronger involvement in forestry development on their territories in Ontario. “Our goal is to be ... read more ››

Art and residential schools

Painter Glenna Matoush succeeded at bringing two very important subjects together – art and residential schools – during a two-day workshop in Nemaska July 30-31. Matoush used the opportunity to create two murals that represent the tragedy of the residential school system. She asked anyone who wanted to participate to pick ... read more ››

Attawapiskat girl nominated for Peace Prize

Thirteen-year-old Shannen Koostachin has been nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize. Koostachin has been fighting for a school to be built in her hometown of Attawapiskat. She gained attention when she challenged Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl over his refusal to respect a federal commitment to build a school in ... read more ››

China or bust

By the time you read this, the Olympics may be nearing the end of its scheduled events way over at the other end of the tunnel to China. I always wonder why we Cree don’t have any contenders for the Olympics, so I have come up with some possible reasons. Reason ... read more ››

Mistissini Police shoot local man

Mistissini Police shot and wounded Mistissini resident Willard William Trapper in the leg during a confrontation August 4. According to police, Trapper was driving around the community with two other men and his girlfriend. He became very angry with one of the men, who apparently was being inappropriate towards his girlfriend. “After ... read more ››

O-J Golf Tournament

Ouje-Bougoumou held its 4th annual golf tournament July 11 at the Chibougamau golf course. The event, organized by the Ouje-Bougoumou Youth Council, promotes health, social, cultural, recreational and economic activities for the youth of all Cree Nations. All the proceeds raised went towards youth projects in Ouje-Bougoumou. The first place winner ... read more ››

Oh what a night!: Niskamoon sends 15 hopefuls on to new careers with Hydro-Quebec

The Niskamoon Corporation honoured its newest graduating class July 15 with a golf tournament and a gala graduation ceremony for the 15 grads of two vocational programs, Automated Systems Electro-Mechanics, and Industrial Construction and Maintenance Mechanics. With diplomas in hand, these grads are set to begin new careers as skilled workers ... read more ››

Ontario to protect boreal forest

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty made what he claimed is the single largest conservation commitment on the planet July 14 when he announced that 225,000 square kilometres of Ontario’s northern boreal forest would receive permanent protection from “unbridled” resource development. In doing so McGuinty said he is helping preserve the most carbon ... read more ››

Reconnecting with the land

I grew up surrounded by the wilderness on the James Bay coast. Our isolated community of Attawapiskat sits in the middle of a large area of mushkeg, swamp and tundra. We never had far to go if we wanted to see untouched forests or tundra. Our parents may have enjoyed ... read more ››

The spirit of the Island

Far out man! Those words were spoken by Khajeesit, a contestant in the 1970s costume contest at Mamoweedow Minshtuksh on Fort George Island. Those two words could perfectly describe the whole gathering. Mamoweedow Minshtuksh means “Let’s get together on the island” in Cree. It took place July 23-28, and for the ... read more ››

The times are a’changing

The Cree days of darkness imposed on us by Hydro-Quebec appear to be sliding into the past. Their electricity has made our homes and, now, some Cree lives brighter. A number of years ago I wrote an article entitled “Inside The Evil Empire,” a tongue-in-cheek attempt at being the Cree version ... read more ››

The true costs of bottled water

Did you ever wonder what the fabrication of a water bottle does to our environment? How far did it have to be transported to get to you? What about the chemicals that leach from those bottles into the water? Many people prefer to purchase bottled water, believing that it is ... read more ››

Waswanipi tailings pond spill

After a dyke burst at the defunct Opemiska mine at the end of June, causing a mine tailings pond to spill into Slam Creek just down the waterways from Waswanipi, community members had concerns for the quality of their water supply. And this, despite reassurances from the Cree Regional Council ... read more ››