Thirteen-year-old Shannen Koostachin has been nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize. Koostachin has been fighting for a school to be built in her hometown of Attawapiskat.

She gained attention when she challenged Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl over his refusal to respect a federal commitment to build a school in Attawapiskat. “Minister Strahl told me he had other priorities than building a school.” Koostachin said.

Last month, Koostachin and three other young people from Attawapiskat served notice that they intend to confront the government during the upcoming review of the UN Rights of the Child Convention.

“I was always taught by my parents to stand up and speak for what I believe in,” said Koostachin. “We will keep moving for-ward, walking proud in our moccasins until we are given justice.”