ARTICLES BY Manon Legault

Green is not always green

Consumers are being “greenwashed” or misled by companies that sell themselves and their products as environmentally friendly. A few months ago, I saw a commercial that made me really angry. The S.C. Johnson company says that they are making more environmentally friendly products. They have created a program that enables the ... read more ››

How green is the party

Where do the five major Canadian political parties stand when it comes to the environment? I consider myself an environmentalist, but no matter how hard I try, I am at a complete loss on who to vote for in this federal election. I can tell you who I will not vote ... read more ››

The true costs of bottled water

Did you ever wonder what the fabrication of a water bottle does to our environment? How far did it have to be transported to get to you? What about the chemicals that leach from those bottles into the water? Many people prefer to purchase bottled water, believing that it is ... read more ››

10 tips for the environment

1. Eat local and, if possible, organic. Less transport means less pollution and more freshness. Also, fresh fish and caribou are better for you than the meat you can buy in the store. 2. Compost, (see last issue of the Nation, Vol 15. No. 17, for details). 3. Plant a tree. You ... read more ››


In Quebec, 1/3 to 1/2 of the garbage we throw out each week could be composted. Gardens, lawns, trees and shrubs all benefit greatly from compost. Composting reduces the environmental impact of having to spend fuel and energy driving the garbage to a landfill and incinerating it. The organic waste, which ... read more ››

Small things

When it comes to the environment, I’m by no means perfect. I recycle, I don’t use plastic bags, I don’t have a dryer or a car; and I buy as many organic/fair trade/Energy Star products as I can afford. On the other hand, I use way too much water, my ... read more ››

Protecting the game: The Woodland caribou under threat

The Woodland caribou lives in the boreal forest, a 10,000-year-old ecosystem which stretches from British Columbia and the Yukon all the way to Labrador and Newfoundland. The migratory caribou of northern Quebec and Labrador are comprised of two herds: the Leaf herd and the George River herd. Together they make ... read more ››

Poisoned Beauty

Personal Care Products are Loaded with Dangerous Chemicals There are more than 5,000 ingredients allowed for use in personal care products. Many are identified as hazardous by government agencies, and many others haven’t even been tested for safety in human beings. As the skin is the biggest organ in the body, it ... read more ››

Cleaning with poison – Our household cleaners are an environment menace

Every day we expose ourselves to chemicals that can be extremely dangerous. Dishwashing liquid, anti-bacterial cleaners, even air fresheners: all contain highly toxic ingredients. Not only do we come in contact with these products, but we expose our children and pets to them. According to the CBC program The Nature of ... read more ››