Mistissini Police shot and wounded Mistissini resident Willard William Trapper in the leg during a confrontation August 4.

According to police, Trapper was driving around the community with two other men and his girlfriend. He became very angry with one of the men, who apparently was being inappropriate towards his girlfriend.

“After dropping the two men off, he went home, picked up a gun and returned to the home where he had dropped them off,” Jean Tremblay of the Surete du Quebec told the Nation.

The person who answered the door informed Trapper that the two men had left. In a fit of rage he began shooting at cars that were parked in the drive-way and at the house. “In total, he shot about 40 bullets,” said Tremblay.

When the police arrived on the scene and ordered Trapper to drop his weapon, he faced them with his gun still in hand. “The police took no chance,” commented Jean Tremblay. “They shot him in the leg to avoid being shot on themselves.”

Trapper was taken to the hospital in Roberval. He is healing and in stable condition.