Painter Glenna Matoush succeeded at bringing two very important subjects together – art and residential schools – during a two-day workshop in Nemaska July 30-31. Matoush used the opportunity to create two murals that represent the tragedy of the residential school system.

She asked anyone who wanted to participate to pick up a brush and paint. “Many of the young people attending really got into it, actually, I didn’t even really touch it,” Glenna told the Nation. “I only added a few touch-ups after it was finished.”

Her objective in having the work based on this subject was to make a powerful impact on people concerning the residential schools. “I would have liked people to write texts in the mural as well, thoughts they had on the residential school issue,” she said. “But many people were too shy.”

Both murals were left in Nemaska, where Matoush hopes they will stay.