Volume 7, Issue 9

“A Very Low Blow”

Environmentalists, forestry experts and Crees are reacting with disbelief and concern to the decision to replace Justice Jean-Jacques Croteau as the judge presiding over the Cree forestry lawsuit. “It’s a very low blow to use tactics like that because you’re not happy with a decision,” said Henri Jacob, president of the ... read more ››

A friend of mine went to a fortune teller in Chinatown.

A friend of mine went to a fortune teller in Chinatown. I know this to be true because I was right there encouraging her to pay the twenty dollars to have her palms read. Her palms say that she would be wise to start a business with her husband after she’s ... read more ››

A River Runs Through It

When the weatherman calls for rain in Tsawataineuk, you don’t just reach for your umbrella. The 150 people of this small British Columbia First Nation get in their homes, and they don’t waste any time along the way. Once or twice a year, after a good rain, the entire village is ... read more ››

Chiefs Might Have to Reveal Salaries

First Nations might have to hand over more financial information to Indian Affairs, including salary levels of chiefs. The new requirements are being studied in the wake of revelations that some Atlantic chiefs make more than the prime minister. For example, Allison Bernard, chief of Nova Scotia’s Eskasoni reserve, earned at least ... read more ››

Chisasibi Skating Club Shines (Again!)

On Jan. 22 and 23, 2000, the Rencontre Patinage Plus figure skating competition was held in Ville Marie Quebec for over 280 skaters from all over the Abitibi region. Thirty one skaters from the Chisasibi Skating Club participated in this competition and returned with forty nine medals. The five youngest skaters ... read more ››

Crees Protest Judge Croteau’s Removal

Indignation and anger characterized the mood in the Cree communities as word spread of a stunning reversal in the Mario Lord forestry court case filed by the Crees. “It’s an outright declaration of war. That pretty much says it all about how Canada and Quebec think about Aboriginal people.” said one ... read more ››

Kung Fu Tourney

The Chisasibi Kung Fu School went to Quebec City by road for the 20th Annual Quebec Yoseikan Karate Championships, held March 11. They used the Cree Nation bus and were supported by some visitors and parents to cheer for them. About 30 people from Chisasibi went to the tournament. The winners were: White ... read more ››

Mistissini Elder Located

The body of Mistissini Elder François Mianscum was found on March 4 by searchers. Mianscum, 68, had been missing since Feb. 26, when he left his camp at Perch River on his Tundra II in the early afternoon. A massive search effort was undertaken, and Mianscum was finally located four or five ... read more ››

Pope Says Sorry

Pope John Paul II has asked for forgiveness for many of the Roman Catholic Church’s past sins, including its treatment of First Nations, Jews, women and heretics. It is believed to be the first time in the church’s history that one of its leaders asked for such a sweeping pardon. The 79-year-old ... read more ››

SNGA 2000

We all checked that we had the right credentials on us as we drove through the wet snow. Aaron, Neil, Will and I were on our way to the Olympic Stadium to check out the outdoors show dubbed Le Salon National du Grand Air held from the 15th to the ... read more ››

Tensions Over Use of Cree at Troilus

Some Mistissini residents are concerned about a decision by management of the Inmet Mining Corporation to restrict the use of the Cree language at its Troilus mine. Crees make up a quarter of the 289 employees at the mine, located 175 kilometres north of Chibougamau. The company says it’s making the move ... read more ››

The Hidden Threat

I don’t know if there’s a word in any Native language for ‘insidious’ but there should be. Heading into a new century and a new millennium there are a host of words our nations term vital – sovereignty, self-government, integration to name a few – but none are so crucial ... read more ››