The Chisasibi Kung Fu School went to Quebec City by road for the 20th Annual Quebec Yoseikan Karate Championships, held March 11.

They used the Cree Nation bus and were supported by some visitors and parents to cheer for them. About 30 people from Chisasibi went to the tournament.

The winners were:

White Sash

Tommy-Lee Ratt, 2nd place sparring

Yellow Sash

Robert Bobbish, 3rd place sparring John Pachano, 2nd place sparring George Pepabano, 4th place forms George Pepabano, 3rd place sparring

Green Sash

Tineke Moistert-Harris, 3rd place forms

The other participants performed very well too. They were Mario Desgagné. Hugo Fireman, Robert Harris, Matthew Nineo’clock, Aaron Ratt, Jeremy, Harriette and Peter Ratt, George and Victoria Rednose, and Paul and Valentina Tapiatic.

The Chisasibi Kung Fu School association would like to thank everybody who helped them in order to make the event a real success, and congratulates all the winners and participants. Also a special thank you to the two drivers – Larry House and Norman Neacappo.