Volume 5, Issue 25

Aatami new Makivik prez

Pita Aatami is the new president of Makivik Corporation. Aatami got 971 votesout of 2,835 cast, or 34 per cent. Former Makivik president Charlie Watt tried tomake a come-back but was shut down. He got 811 votes in the Oct. 23 election. Just over 60 per cent of eligible voters cast ... read more ››

Christopher Columbus arrested and deported

by THE INDIGENOUS SUPPORT COALITION OF OREGON (taken from the Internet) Admiral Christopher Columbus, infamous explorer and pillager of already-occupied continents, was arrested Monday at the University of Oregon in Eugene. He was charged with aggravated murder, first degree rape, first degree sodomy, kidnapping, theft, fraud, assault with deadly intent, trespass ... read more ››

Feds couid freeze band funds: official

The federal government could withhold money from the Waskaganish band or freeze its funds because the band diverted money intended for housing renovations into covering its out-of-control deficit. The band got $1 million from the federal government in a 1997 deal on the express condition it goes to housing renovations. But ... read more ››

Food for thought

Lately I have been hearing about much illness in my circle of friends and family. This makes me realize I should be very happy and grateful for my own health. Often, I hear news from home, in Attawapiskat, of someone having a cold or the flu and it seems like ... read more ››

Hockey News Cree Nation Bears start season with a “perfect weekend”

The Bears EXPLODED last weekend in Amos during the Inter-City Bantam “CC” opening gala to start up the season. The Bears returned home with three straight victories, scoring big! The Bears had also completed their roster with two additional players from Moose Factory: Leonard Small (forward) and Greg Blackned (goalie). The ... read more ››


I came across this great quote and concept recently that I have to share with you. “If you have a penny and I have a penny and we exchange pennies, you still have one cent and I still have one cent. But if you have an idea and I have an ... read more ››

If i were Grand Chief…

We asked you to complete this sentence, “If I were grand Chief…” If I were Grand Chief… “I would be concerned about seeing my land more often. I would not want to live in the city ail the time.” “I would visit all nine Cree communities two or three times a year, gather ... read more ››

Innu back Val-Saint-François protesters

The Innu are lending their support to the people of Val-Saint-François in their fight against a new Hydro-Quebec power line in the Eastern Townships. Hydro says the line is necessary to strengthen its power grid after it got flattened by the ice storm. But the Val-Saint-François people say the line is ... read more ››

It’s a Black and white issue

by Conrad Black & Co. The National Post (Vol. 1, No. 1 ) The National Post Company Don Mills, Ontario There’s been a lot of talk about Canada’s new “truly national newspaper,” brought to us by Conrad Black and friends. Was the newspaper going to be full of nutty right-wing propaganda? And what was ... read more ››

Mountie won’t be charged

An Alberta Mountie won’t face criminal charges in the high-profile shooting deaths last March of a Native woman and her 9-year-old son. Connie Jacobs, 37, and her son Ty died after RCMP responded to a domestic complaint in Tsuu T’ina, outside Calgary. The Mountie claimed he acted in self-defence. Jacob’s relatives condemned the ... read more ››

Ouje-Bougoumou to be finally recognized?

It was the first time in the Cree-Naskapi Commission’s history that it would be appearing before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development. At the end of the meeting, Member of Parliament Joe Finaly said he would be willing to draft and present legistlation to be ... read more ››

Rez Notes

Hallowe’en started out, like many holidays and festivals, as a pagan get-together where it was not unusual for the ancients to sacrifice animals and nubile young virgins to the gods, hold massive orgies and party like it was 999. All Hallow’s Eve is a few notches above even Christmas as a ... read more ››

The Best of James Bay The people have spoken

The 2nd annual best of James Bay is here! You, the people, have spoken.We received a record number of entries this year. Thank you to those whotook the time to let us know who you think is the best. Till next year,congratulations to our winners. Best Community Contribution (Man) 1st Abel Bosum ... read more ››

The Cree Naskapi Commission’s Recommendations

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 1. Discussions should be held between the Grand Council of the Crees (Eeyou Istchee), local Cree and Naskapi Governments, the Government of Quebec and the Government of Canada in order to talk about the future. Included in the discussions: EDUCATION AND TRAINING a) completion and regular updating of an education and ... read more ››

Trappers’ program shot down

Trappers were reacting with concern to news that the Board of Compensation has rejected a request to fund a trappers’ support program. The program was already approved by the Council/Board of the Cree leadership. It was intended to help trappers affected by forestry, who are under pressure to sign vague compensation deals ... read more ››

Waskaganish debt tops $6.3M

The Waskaganish band is over $6.3 million in the red, or $3,680 for each man,woman and child in the community. The debt exists because of high spending on“special projects.” Here’s where some of the money went: • the gravel pit ($1.14 million in debt) • inactive past projects ($1.16 million) • police ($582,000) • ... read more ››