The 2nd annual best of James Bay is here! You, the people, have spoken.We received a record number of entries this year. Thank you to those whotook the time to let us know who you think is the best. Till next year,congratulations to our winners.

Best Community Contribution (Man)

1st Abel Bosum Jr.

2nd Chief Dr. Billy Diamond 3rd Thomas Coon

Best Community Contribution (Woman)

1st Chief Violet Pachanos 2nd Susan Esau

3rd Rhonda Spencer, Gertie Murdoch, Anna Bosum (tied)

Most Outstanding Elder

1st Robbie Matthew Sr.

2nd Billy Blacksmith 3rd Alex Weistche

Most Outstanding Youth

1st Ashley Iserhoff

2nd Samson Weistche, Patrick Mianscum, Matthew Iserhoff (tied)

Most Outstanding Tallyman

1st Mario Lord 2nd Freddy Jolly

3rd David Bosum, George Stewart, Matthew Wapachee, Charlie Diamond, Tommy Voyageur (tied)

3rd best story teller, Alex Roslin visits best UFO sighting spot, Whapmagoostui.

Best Hunter

1st Bernard Diamond, My father, Paul Salt, Sanders Weistche, Charles Matoush, Charlie Iserhoff, Charlie Diamond

Future Best Fisher at four years, two years running, Larry Jolly. He once caught a seagull at his secret spot.

Best Fisher

1st Larry Jolly

2nd Jonathan Kitchen, Stanley Mianscum 3rd Henry Stewart, Raymond Blackned

Fastest Goose Plucker

1st Mary Diamond

2nd Winnie Namagoose, Eva Ratt

3rd Mabel MacLeod

Honourable mention: Sandra Bullock

Best Storyteller

1st Ronnie Cowboy 2nd George Diamond Sr.

3rd Daisy Cheezo, Robbie Matthew, Alex Roslin

Best Politician

1st Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come

2nd Chief Billy Diamond

3rd Chief Violet Pachanos (“she holds two


Best Cree Media (person or organization)

1st Portage, The Nation (tied)

2nd CBC-North, “Rock ‘n Rod” Roderick Rabbitskin, Arnold Cheechoo “Arnold, of course”, Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come

Best Cultural Contribution

1st Cultural Institute

2nd Anna Bosum

3rd CTA, Kenny Mianscum

Best Artist

1st Tim Whiskeychan 2nd Glenna Matoush 3rd Pakeesue Mukash, Morley Stewart

Best Musician

1st Darryl S. Hester

2nd Johnny Cooper, Kenny Mianscum, Pakeesue Mukash, Robert Bobbish 3rd Francine Weistche

Honourable Mention, Most disliked politician: Sonny Orr gives peace to his supporter.

Best Cook

1st My mom 2nd Bernice Kitchen 3rd Angela Moar

Best Athlete

Best UFO Sighting Spot

1st Whapmagoostui 2nd Chisasibi 3rd James Bay

1st Wally Rabbitskin 2nd Louis Mianscum 3rd Randy Shecapio

Cree Most Likely to Change the System

1st Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come 2nd Ashley Iserhoff, Bertie Wapachee, Chief Violet Pachanos, Chief Kenny Loon

Worst Band Council

Best Checkers/Chess Player

1st David Blackned

2nd Old men from Chisasibi Commercial

Centre/Chisasibi Elders

3rd Charlie Coon, Billy Blacksmith

Best Gossiper

1st Neil Diamond 2nd The Nation

3rd Winnie Bosum, Bruce Diamond

1st Waswanipi 2nd Wemindji 3rd Waskaganish

Best Band Council

1st O.J., Waskaganish

2nd Chisasibi, Mistissini, Nemaska

3rd Eastmain

Best Pool Player

1st Charles Katapatuk 2nd Smally Brien 3rd Albert Stephen

Smartest Cree

1st Eric House

2nd Matthew Coon Come, me, Kenny Loon

Most Disliked Politician

1st John Kitchen, Walter Hughboy 2nd Paul Dixon, Premier Lucien Bouchard, President Bill Clinton honourable mention, Sonny Orr

November 6, 1998

Funniest Cree

1st George R Hester 2nd Bentley Mianscum 3rd Neil Diamond

The winners speak…

“I’m surprised. I didn’t know that many people knew about me playing music.” Darryl S. Hester

“I want a recount!”

Charles Hester, The Portage (tied with The Nation)

Most disliked politician John Kitchen at news conference announcing another hated policy.

“He’s funny, he’s really like that. I don’t know where he got it from. Probably from our late dad. He was like that.”

Josephine, sister of George P Hester (funniest Cree 2nd year in a row)

“No secret. My invention. Simple ingredients.”

Margaret Moar of Jacob Restaurant. Best hamburger after McDonalds.

“I’m very happy. Everything I do, I try to do my best. Before I learned everything by watching my mother-in-law. Mary Diamond, fastest goose plucker

Oh terrific!

Walter’s spokesperson

“No comment” White House spokesperson

Best of… Consumer Awards

Best Auto Dealer

1st Veillette and Johnson 2nd Hardy Ringuette 3rd Aube

Best Snowmobile Dealer

1st Ou J’ai des Sports 2nd Beric Sport 3rd Mario Monger

Best Restaurant

1st Bar-B-Barn

2nd Jacob’s

3rd Quick Stop (Rays)

Worst Restaurant

1st Waswanipi Cafeteria 2nd Roderick’s Restaurant 3rd Moulin Rouge (Chiboug.)

Wachiya… Best gift shop

Best Hamburger

1st McDonald’s Big Mac

2nd Jacob’s

3rd Brien’s, La Paryse

Best Pizza

1st Pizza Hut 2nd Mike’s

3rd Chisasibi Mitchuap Rest., Angela’s (Mtl.), Chip stand (Wask.)

Best Bar/Gub

1st Chateau Inn 2nd Winny’s 3rd Chateau Louis

Best Grocery Store

1st Metro

2nd Chisasibi Co-op, Loblaws

Rowdiest Bar

1st Chateau Louis 2nd Cristal’s 3rd Bar Central

Best Hotel

1st Sheraton Centre 2nd L’Escale 3rd Confortel

Best Hunting Supplies

1st Baron

2nd Mario Monger 3rd Sport Expert (Rouyn)

November 6, 1998

Best Fishing Supplies

1st Baron

2nd Siibii Supplies

3rd Sport Expert (Rouyn), Ferplus

Best Sports Supplies

1st Podium

2nd Sports Express

3rd Sport Expert (Rouyn)

Best Bridal Shop

1st Jaymore’s

2nd St. Hubert St. Plaza

Best Flower Shop

1st Diane Fleuriste 2nd Helene Fleuriste 3rd Mother Nature; wild flowers in the woods (they’re free)

Best Jewellery Shop

1st Bijouterie Val d’Or Enrg 2nd Bijouterie Riche Or 3rd Bijouterie Baribeau

Best Children’s Clothing

1st The Gap for Kids 2nd Au coin des petits 3rd Géant des Aubaines

Best Iby Store

1st Toys “R” Us 2nd Dollarama

Best Furniture Shop

1st Meubles Marchand 2nd Meubles Selections 3rd Ikea

Best Music Shop

1st HMV

2nd Sam The Record Man 3rd Polyson

Coolest Clothing Store

1st Stitches

2nd Le Chateau, Rio sud Val d’Or 3rd Bo Jeans

Best Gift Shop

1st Wachiya 2nd Wal-Mart 3rd Hallmark

Favourite Airline

1st Canadian 2nd Air Creebec 3rd Air Taiga

Honourable mention, Larry Linton

Best Overall Business

1st Kepa Transport

2nd Air Creebec

3rd Cree co., Cree Construction

Best Town for Shopping

1st Montreal 2nd Rouyn-Noranda 3rd Ottawa