We asked you to complete this sentence, “If I were grand Chief…”

If I were Grand Chief…

“I would be concerned about seeing my land more often. I would not want to live in the city ail the time.”

“I would visit all nine Cree communities two or three times a year, gather all people in one place of the community, and find out how they’re doing, especially with their chief.”

“I would change the lawyers and put Cree lawyers in there, train youth interns, cooperate with Cree media and keep my word and update resolutions yearly.”

“Use all moneys to create jobs, start industries, stop wasting on lawyers and consultants and trips all over the world.”

“I would try hard to change the system.”

“I’d put the youth as a priority. Take the Crees into the next millenium with a big bang.”

“I would focus on self-government and review the whole system because it would be for the better to change our system. We are not going anywhere unless there’s change.”

“I would give opportunities to the youth because they’re the future.”

“I would announce my candidacy for

Outstanding Elder Robbie Matthew Sr.

PM. in the next elections, so our people would be more vocal.”

“I’d have a vacation every month in Hawaii with my mistress (be like Bill Clinton).”

“I’d pave all the roads in the nine communities.”

“I would involve more women in the decision-making process. Maybe if we had

more women, stuff like ‘Bill Clinton’ wouldn’t happen.”

“I would ensure Elders and women were used more on committees and in contributing to decisions.”

“Go to Disney World!”

“No comment. I do not want to be a Grand Chief.”

“I would try to complete projects for our communities and fight for the rights of our people, till we win the battle of our culture.”

“I would be living in a reserve. I would listen more to our Elders, would make education a priority and not sports!”

“I would help the youth a lot especially the youth from Ojay. They need help and I am one of them!”

“I’d probably have more money than I do now.”

“I would improve the appearance of The Nation. And I would let the beer chase the blues away.”

“I would get more non-Native police in the community.”

“First move, I’d kick Hydro-Quebec and the forestry companies off the land. Second,I would separate the Cree territory from Canada and Quebec.”

“I would hire a task force to work on various issues that are most damaging in our communities:

1. Preserving our way of life without sacrificing our children’s future.

2. Putting funds toward a family treatment centre instead of wasting it on a gate which doesn’t deal with the problem(s) that arise with alcohol abuse such as conjugal violence, child neglect, drunk driving to name a few.

3. Promote awareness in schools concerning birth control, STDs, sexual harassment, assault, suicide. Install condom dispensers so they are more readily available.

4. In dire need of trained and experienced counselors who can best deal with individuals who require the support of a professional.

5. Another priority would be reviewing the housing selection process.

6. Not a priority but it would be nice to have bicycle trails, hiking trails, swimming lessons and so forth to promote the importance of an active lifestyle.”