The Bears EXPLODED last weekend in Amos during the Inter-City Bantam “CC” opening gala to start up the season. The Bears returned home with three straight victories, scoring big! The Bears had also completed their roster with two additional players from Moose Factory: Leonard Small (forward) and Greg Blackned (goalie).

The results from last weekend in Amos:

1st game – October 10 Bears 6, Ville-Marie 3 Stats:

Ist goal: David Neeposh, assist Leonard Small

2nd goal: Matthew Sam, assist Leonard Small and David Neeposh

3rd goal: Leonard Small, assist Ian Stewart

4th goal: Leonard Small, assist David Neeposh and Matthew Sam

5th goal: JeremyJolly-Gull, assist Charlie Dick and Naaman Cooper

6th goal: Matthew Sam, assist Leonard Small and David Neeposh

Goalie for the game: Greg Blackned

2nd game – October 10 Bears 6, Malartic 2 Stats:

1st goal: Naaman Cooper, unassisted 2nd goal: John Ross Visitor, assist David Shem and Randy Weistche

3rd goal: Matthew Sam, assist Leonard Small and David Neeposh

4th goal: Leonard Sam, assist Matthew Sam and David Neeposh

5th goal: Charlie Dick, assist Jeremy Jolly-Gull and Leonard Small

6th goal: JeremyJolly-Gull, assist Charlie Dick and John Ross Visitor

Goalie for the game: Byron Sam (wearing illegal face mask), had to be replaced by Greg Blackned

3rd game – October 11 Bears 4, Ste-Germaine I Stats:

1st goal: Leonard Small, assist Robbie Metabie and Matthew Sam

2nd goal: Leonard Small, assist Christopher Swallow

3rd goal: Naaman Cooper, assist Ian Stewart

4th goal: John Ross Visitor, assist Randy Weistche and Christopher Swallow Goalie for the game: Byron Sam


Also, last weekend in the 4th regular season game against the defending champion team, Amos, the Bears defeated Amos in a 7-5 victory.


1st goal: David Neeposh, assist Andrew Biron and Leonard Small

2nd goal: Naaman Cooper, assist Jeremy Jolly-Gull and Charlie Dick

3rd goal: Ian Stewart, assist Wayne Gilpin and Randy Weistche

4th goal: Naaman Cooper, assist Andrew Biron

5th goal: Naaman Cooper “hat trick,” assist David Neeposh and Leonard Small

6th goal: Andrew Biron, assist Jeremy Jolly-Gull

7th goal: David Neeposh, assist Leonard Small and Wayne Gilpin


Recreation Directors from all communities took the decision to move back the December senior tournament to Val d’Or, a decision influenced by easy access (good old Val d’Or!), and a new “partnership deal” initiated by the city of Val d’Or, the Chamber of Commerce and Cree entities, in collaboration with the Native Friendship Centre. The decision was made in the spirit of developing a partnership based on friendly and open relationships on different issues.

According to Recreation Directors, extra efforts have also been significant this summer during the softball tournament held in Val d’Or, as local businesses generously sponsored the tournament.

No negative comments to say about last year’s tournament hosted by the welcoming city of Rouyn. Rec. Directors say they will actually miss their “better facilities” and appreciated their participation. But, like they say: Money talks, b..walks!


Upcoming games to watch for in upcoming weeks:

Forestiers Amos – Midget “AAA’ League (Charly Washipabano and Ryan Weistche)

Nov. 7: Forestiers Amos – Levis 14h00 (in Levis, Quebec City)

Nov. 8: Forestiers Amos – Ste-Foy

14h00 (in Ste-Foy)

Nov. 14: Charles Lemoyne – Forestiers Amos I9h00 (in Amos)

Nov. 15: Charles Lemoyne – Forestiers Amos 14h00 (in Amos)

Chlbougamau Ambassadeurs – Midget “AA” League (Wesley Trapper, Jordan Coonishish, Jerry Matoush)

Nov. 7: Chib. Ambassadeurs – La Baie 19h00 (in La Baie)

Nov. 8: Ambassadeurs – St- Felicien I5h00 (in St-Felicien)

Nov. 14: Ambassadeurs – Dyna. Chicoutimi I9h30 (in Chicoutimi)

Nov. 15: Ambassadeurs – Dolbeau I4h00 (in Dolbeau)

Cree Nation Bears – Bantam “CC” League

Nov. 7: Bears- Quevillon I 3h00 (in Quevillon)

Nov. 14: Val d’Or – Bears I2h00

Nov. 14: Val d’Or – Bears I8h00


Cree hockey players are starting a “Cree club,” in Timmins, Ontario. Already there, Ryan Sam (chocolate) Bantam AA Major, also Bobby Napash – Bantam AA Minor. Now joining them: John Napash-Nuktie – Bantam AA Minor – and Abe Jolly Jr. – Northern Allied Bantam AAA. Watch for hockey games in Timmins this winter!

Before the regular schedule started, Lance Blacksmith and Richard Ottereyes were sent home by the Chibougamau Ambassadeurs. Ernie Trapper did not make it to the Amos Cometes’ juvenile league for lack of financial assistance.

Well! Fall gets “colder”… leaves turn yellow and while some hockey players see the colour of money ($$NHL$$), some others out there… originally from James Bay… get the blues… I’ll tell you more about it next O.K. news! Bon hockey!