Happy New Year to all of you! It is my hope that we all succeed and triumph over the obstacles we may face in 2015. I can honestly say that 2014 was an incredible one. I saw this little curly blonde girl on YouTube standing in front of her washroom mirror and speaking boldly, encouraging herself that she will have a great day, that she was beautiful and so on. I remembered that video when the clock struck midnight! I spoke boldly and proclaimed to the universe that I will have a great and prosperous year and I did.

Words are powerful my friends. You either speak words that are positive for yourself and to others or all negative. I spoke positive good words for my 2015 and if you have forgotten to bless your 2015 because the holidays were too busy, it’s not too late to affirm your positivity. It doesn’t start with Josh, with Oprah, with the curly blonde girl on YouTube or televangelist Joel Osteen, but it starts with you! We are just mere agents of encouragements and reminders.

I look at my schedule and what I want to achieve professionally, personally and in love. Perhaps I am too busy for love at this moment. Hey, I am told that it will happen unexpectedly. Until then, I am expecting – not a baby, but love.

I will be pretty busy throughout the year as I will be visiting many Cree communities and the one in particular I am excited about is our 11th community (can I say that?): Moose Factory! The Roundtable Capacity Building will be heading out there to host and mingle with our Cree folk.

I, for one, can’t wait to meet the members. I will be co-hosting with the talented and gorgeous songstress Marilyn MacLeod and yes, we will be singing at the feast. Don’t worry, I will Facebook “our” performance! Chief Allan Jolly and the members await our arrival and I believe that it will be my first time driving on ice. I will Facebook that as well. In the meantime, prayers will be appreciated. I wonder if Johnny Wapachee will have extra hair gel at the gathering… “He’s very deadly.”

It has been a year since I announced my vegetarianism in reznotes. I am happy to report that I will possibly not continue being one anymore. I have not craved meat at all, but I will have to taste the bear I killed months ago. I’ll wait for a family gathering or perhaps kill a moose with Dad sometime in March.

I’ve publicly said to the Cree Nation that when I’ll consume animals with brains I will only eat meat from Eeyou Istchee, such as moose, ptarmigan, bear, porcupine (not a fan), beaver and squirrel (hey, I tasted one with Gramma Iserhoff back in the 1980s). I think I’ll wait for my moose. I am told that there’s a moose nearby – uh, never mind, I won’t divulge the location. I am sure I’ll be blessed with one since I’ve already claimed my moose!

2015 will be great!