Volume 14, Issue 20

A ‘civilized’ beginning

There exists the possibility of Cree self-government within five years. We will be looking at Cree governance that reflects our values, culture and way of life. The tentative agreement recently negotiated with the federal government (which still must be ratified in a referendum) finally recognizes the Grand Council as a ... read more ››

Balancing conservation and economic development in Wemindji

One of the most important issues of today’s generation is whether our descendants will enjoy at least the same level of well-being as we do. Will there be enough trapline left for our grandchildren to hunt, trap and fish? How do we develop as a nation, yet keep our culture ... read more ››

Basketball camp moves up the coast – Whapmagoostui youth get rare chance to learn from a pro

Many of Whapmagoostui’s youth learned vital lessons over three days, including drug and alcohol prevention and the importance of sport in teaching those lessons at the Second Annual Basketball Camp. The August 16-18 camp, which was held in Mistissini last year, was sponsored by the Cree Health Board and organized by ... read more ››

Biggest ever Cree arts and music fest is a huge success in Chisasibi

The amount of talent in the Cree Nation is extensive; from sports to traditional pursuits to the arts, there is no shortage of it. A few months back Bertie Wapachee and Roy Neacappo decided to get together to help foster and promote their Cree artisans in hopes of creating the ... read more ››

Canada seeks passport exceptions for seniors, Aboriginals

The Canadian government has asked U.S. officials to make an exception for seniors and Aboriginals on its imminent requirement for passports to cross the border. Aboriginals recognized by Ottawa should not have to get a passport, say the feds, despite the fact that Canada does not recognize the 1794 Jay Treaty, ... read more ››

Chisasibi Chief shown the door

Abraham Rupert ousted after two terms. Roderick Pachano has defeated Chisasibi Chief Abraham Rupert and will now take over the reins of the Cree Nation’s largest community. Rupert led his people over two terms through two major agreements, a battle for the beloved Rupert River and numerous other battles including his staunch ... read more ››

Gun safety is job one – Firearms laws also apply to Crees

Anyone who already owns a legal firearm knows that in order to obtain it they need to pass a provincial gun safety course prior to getting their weapon. Whether you are gearing up to take your first gun safety course or it’s been some time since you’ve brushed up your ... read more ››

Hunting Fashion and fashion hunting – The Nation guide to straight shooting and looking good (or invisible) in the bush

As autumn dons its vibrant colours, kids return to classrooms and days grow both shorter and cooler, our thoughts turn to stocking up on the food essentials for a long winter. Meat, for example. September is the prime shopping season for the tools and gear we need to hit the ... read more ››

Mistissini radio voice is silenced – Police investigating whether charges should be laid in hit and run death of Willie Trapper

A well-respected Mistissini man who worked for the James Bay Cree Communications Society was killed in a hit and run accident August 25. Willie Trapper, 39, died after he was last seen walking beside a foggy highway 113 from Waswanipi towards Chibougamau early that morning. Police intercepted the suspects’ vehicle around ... read more ››

Nature’s power

In the early morning hours the other day, I awoke to the sound of light rain outside my window. It felt good to stare into the dark and listen to the familiar rattle of rain falling on a tin roof. I was warm and comfortable and thought about all the ... read more ››

Ottawa rejecting claim forms

“Unofficial” residential school forms that were distributed by Regina lawyer Tony Merchant to many residential school survivors in a class-action lawsuit to settle the issue of past abuse are being rejected, according to the Indian Residential School Resolution Department. “This was done without the permission of the official court administrator or ... read more ››

Quebec rains grants on Nunavik

Provincial Health Minister Philippe Couillard has announced that the Quebec government will spend $36.4 million to protect children from abuse and violence in Inuit communities. The infusion, announced August 24, is part of the more than $ 170 million the province pledged to the area during the two-day Katimajiit Conference in ... read more ››

The Travelling Willies

At the time of this writing, I’ve been on the road for three and a half weeks and gradually becoming accustomed to the ways of the urban nomad, foraging at fast food joints and finally understanding why McD’s has sold billions upon billions of patties. I’ve been achieving the zen ... read more ››