As autumn dons its vibrant colours, kids return to classrooms and days grow both shorter and cooler, our thoughts turn to stocking up on the food essentials for a long winter. Meat, for example. September is the prime shopping season for the tools and gear we need to hit the bush in our quest to fill the freezer. The Nation is here to help guide you through the ordeal of hunting for the real deals.

With the dramatic weather shifts that northern Quebec can see in the changing seasons, safety is a major priority. The modern hunter knows it’s best to keep a Global Positioning System, or GPS, on hand as sometimes it’s the only way to find one’s way back to camp — or civilization.

Canadian Tire has a bevy of these beauties, ranging in price from $130 to $500. The Garmin GPS Map 60Cx is top of the line and, for $400, features a 10,000-point automatic track log, built-in celestial tables for sun and moon calculations, the best times to fish and hunt, and is water-resistant.

On the cheaper and more compact side, Garmin also offers the world’s smallest handheld GPS receiver with computer interface capability. The Garmin E-TREX GPS features a 12 parallel channel receiver and differential with built-in patch antenna. It will get the job done for only $129. Have a look at both of them at

Though a firearm is and will remain the Crees’ principle hunting weapon, some hunters are turning to archery. Whether you prefer to go it old school with a bow or choose the latest in crossbow technology, there is a certain satisfaction that can be derived out of an archery kill.

For the modern archer, Ten Point is always improving on older models. New this year is the Blazer HP model and the ultra compact Phantom CLS.

The Blazer is a high-performance, high-tech crossbow geared towards those who seek top quality and prestige. It offers up one of the best shots available and shoots up to 31 I feet per second. The Phantom was designed with space saving in mind and is 17 1/2-inches wide from axle-to-axle when cocked, But size means nothing when it comes to performance with the Phantom as it promises the same smoothness and accuracy as any full-size crossbow.

Both of these models and many others are available at and at various retailers across the country.

When it comes to guns, Winchester’s latest hunting technology can be found in the Super X 3, 3 1/2” With Full Coverage Mossy Oak Brush. One of this rifle’s most enticing features is a sleek appearance enhanced by its “Brush Camo from Mossy Oak,” making itself almost indistinguishable in the bush.

According to, it also offers “40% recoil reduction over inertia-operated guns,” and its “dipped camo process offers durability and resistance against corrosion.” To find a distributor for this product or any other Winchester product, visit

What the hunter wears can play a big role. Staying incognito is almost as important as warmth and comfort, which is why there is so much high tech camo gear available on the market.

Mossy Oak® brand is all the rage with its uniquely patented patterns of camouflage that have become the industry standard. It is so much in demand that other companies lease out its trademark patterns for their products.

Mossy Oak is also one of the only companies to offer products designed to fit in with various types of natural environments. The “Mossy Oak Winter” line, for instance, is designed for snow bound, cold climate hunting. The “Duck Blind” is for grassy duck hunting.

If you are looking for a hunting makeover and wish to buy matching Mossy Oak gear from head to toe, look no further than This site features any and every variety of hunting apparel from vests to pants to even head to toe 3D camouflage outfits which are the ultimate in multi-dimensional camouflage. Call I -888-Mossy

Oak for more information.

Should you be acquiring a firearm for the very first time, before you even bring it into your home, be sure that you have somewhere safe to store it. Gun storage units can cost as much as $1000 for a large, fireproof gun safe to store many weapons or as little as $ 150 for a smaller version designed to keep a few guns.

Canadian Tire features a wide variety of gun safes with something for just about any hunter. The Stack On 24 Gun Convertible Fire Safe is the best available at the “Tire,” and if you have a large collection, this is an ideal buy as it can store 24 rifles or 16 shotguns and has adjustable shelving.

For the budding hunter, the Stack-On 8 Gun Cabinet is also an ideal buy as it features just as much security as the larger models but its smaller size and price tag of $ 150 is perfect for someone starting their gun collection.

Both models feature standard 3 point locking system with tubular, key coded lock for added security and are available along with many other models

Blinds are essential to just about any hunter. Featuring a wide variety of Eastman Outfitters products, Le Baron offers a wide variety of blinds to suit just about any budget. Starting with the Charbon Undercover Blind, this large, hub style blind features carbon-activated scent elimination, is easy to assemble and provides a delightful hunting blind experience. Retailing at $ 160, this blind is both durable and cost effective.

For those who like to go off solo in the bush, the $53 Carbon Rifleman Blind sets up in 30 seconds, is made from waterproof polyester and packs up neatly into a backpack style carrying case. For more information go to

Finally, for the spiritual hunter who never gets to bring his Bible on the hunt for fear of its colour giving him or her away, fear no more, the Camouflage Bible is now available online. The Christian Outdoorsman Resource Center has a variety of Bibles designed for outdoor use, come in camouflage colours and some specific models, such as the Duraword Water

Proof KJV Camo Bible are even weather proof and are resistant against water, ice, or condensation.

With thanks to the Christian Outdoorsman Resource Center, the Bible can now go anywhere, any time and any place, even hunting. For more info: all that said, the rest of it is up to the quality of the marksman, happy hunting!