Volume 12, Issue 24

Deer Killed Near Ouje-Bougoumou – The Species Is Rarely Seen That Far North

It began with a Moose and Bear Hunting Contest in Ouje-Bougoumou in early September. I was really looking forward to the moose hunt. I went with my uncle Dave and his family to their hunting territory at Waposite Lake. When we arrived, the camp was all we could have imagined: nice ... read more ››

Election Results in Eastmain, Wemindji and Waskaganish

Wemindji casts their vote for a new chief. Wemindji elected a new Chief while the old one ended up being chosen as one of the new councillors. Reggie Mark, the incumbent, chose this time around to run for councillor instead of head cheese. The result was that Rodney Mark was elected as ... read more ››

Federal Environmental Review Board Visits EM1

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, a federal review panel, with two Cree representatives on the panel visited the area of study of the Eastmain-1-A and Rupert diversion project on September 26 through 29. The federal review panel for the Eastmain-1-A and Rupert diversion project is an independent body responsible for assessing ... read more ››

Grand Council to Forestry Companies: Hands Off Our Burnt Wood

Grand Council: Hands Off Burnt Timber. The Cree message is loud and clear; forest companies can harvest our wood, but they should be patient and have the proper permits – and above all respect the tallyman. The Grand Council of the Crees delivered the message to clarify their position on burnt wood ... read more ››

Mayappo is New Eastmain Chief

In a rather close vote, Lloyd Mayappo edged incumbent Edward Gilpin by a 123-113 score to take over the reins as Chief of the Cree Nation of Eastmain. The results were announced and certified by Returning Officer Gregory Mayappo September 23. Dorothy Gilpin was a distant third with 33 votes. The position of ... read more ››

Nemaska Loses a Fighter

I lost a friend the other day, a friend that everyone in Eeyou Istchee should know about. Maggie Minister was a loveable lady from Nemaska who underwent a bilateral lung transplant in Montreal last March, and sadly, passed away on October 2. I was shocked when I heard the news, and as ... read more ››

PM Calls Aboriginal Woman to Senate

Prime Minister Paul Martin has appointed a Maliseet woman from Tobique First Nation in New Brunswick to the Senate. Sandra Lovelace Nicholas, who has been a driving force in securing rights for Aboriginal women, was named a Senator September 21. She was instrumental in overturning sexist provisions of the Indian Act that ... read more ››

Thanksgiving Means So Much

Thanksgiving was just another holiday for my family up north. When you live in a small, remote First Nation community, every day is an occasion to meet family. It is comforting to know that family is close by and that there is never a great need to bring people together. ... read more ››

The People of MoCreebec Speak Out – Much Has Been Said About the “Outsiders,” Now It’s Their Turn to Talk

The people of MoCreebec have been called outsiders, left out of numerous elections for their own Grand Chief for years and kicked around by Ottawa and Quebec. Now they want everyone in Eeyou Istchee to know how they feel about it all. Their bloodlines run through the communities of Wemindji, Waskaganish ... read more ››

The Washaw Sibi Struggle Continues…

Washaw Sibi met with Members of Parliament and the new Grand Chief recently to clarify their issues and demands and push for a solid separate identity. “We want to resolve our long standing issues, and it’s certainly been a long time coming,” said Washaw Sibi councillor Kenneth Weistche. He and his wife ... read more ››

Theories That Might Work

I used to think that Einstein’s theory of relativity was something God would think of. Einstein’s most famous theory, the one about relativity and energy, makes me think of other spinoff theories. Time travel is limited by memory and history and can only go as far back as recorded history. ... read more ››