Wemindji casts their vote for a new chief.

Wemindji elected a new Chief while the old one ended up being chosen as one of the new councillors.

Reggie Mark, the incumbent, chose this time around to run for councillor instead of head cheese. The result was that Rodney Mark was elected as new Chief over Tony Gull by a 287-169 tally in the September 30th election.

The position of Deputy Chief went to Arden Visitor, according to Returning Officer Christina Gilpin.

Other councillors nominated were Nancy Danyluk, Hugo Georgekish, John

Mark, and Deborah Hawken and the aforementioned Reggie Mark.

Final numbers were not available for these positions.

Waskaganish election results

Band Office: (Deputy Chief and 4 Councilors)

Deputy Chief: Steve (Christopher)

Diamond by Acclamation


Billy Diamond

Ruth Sak

Simeon Trapper

Tim (Jimmy) Whiskeychan

CRAJ Council Board Representative: Billy Diamond

B.O.C. Representatives:

Kathy Black, one-year term

Raymond Blackned, two-year term

Next elections for chief and five councilors: 2007