I used to think that Einstein’s theory of relativity was something God would think of. Einstein’s most famous theory, the one about relativity and energy, makes me think of other spinoff theories. Time travel is limited by memory and history and can only go as far back as recorded history. Today, unravelling the past seems to indicate worlds that are totally different from what we used to think earth was, a Jurassic park filled with giant creatures eating anything in their path. Recently, a past that is very, very interesting has come to light.

Sometimes, time and relativity coincide and collide into unseen but strategic actions, forever changing the possible outcome, either immediately or in the far distant future. I, for one, can imagine a world with little people and giants, living alongside each other, either in peace or at war. At one time, this world was the home to a variety of humans, some large, some dark, some small. All had one thing in common, luck. Luck made the volcano spew out hundreds of feet thick ashes onto an ancient, but small continent between Africa and Australia, a long, long time ago. Although I would like to credit my imagination to this theory, the land of the little people and giants actually existed.

This little continent was home to extremely small people who evolved to survive in the most compact form, low on heat, easy to feed, and most of all, small enough to populate and thrive into a sophisticated society that hunted the miniature elephants, which after eons and eons, evolved to the size of a horse. This may seem extraordinary, but science has proven this through archaeological digs and years of research.

The same for the giant human, who theoretically couldn’t survive due to immense heat loss and died off, most likely from exposure to the elements, now changed and cooled down from the clouds of ash that surrounded the entire planet. We regular humans almost didn’t make it. It was down to a few thousand souls, who quickly died off leaving even fewer to carry on the genes of Homo sapiens. Only the quick of mind made it through this extreme catastrophe and millions of years later, became modern man, who to this day, is continuing to dominate earth through creative thinking processes learned from that massive incident so long ago.

Back to Einstein, all this time passed in a galactic blink of the eye, making our lives in this universe intensely miniscule, yet time for us lasts for years and years, making his theory of relativity all the more plausible. If we are to apply that theory to what we are accomplishing as a nation, it could be compared to the Big Bang theory: first nothing, then light and mass, creating universes, stars and planets. Except in our case, the universe is an agreement that sheds light on us and tells us to create. The stars are those people who see this and carry out the big plan. The planets are our homes, where we live in relative comfort. The problem is how fast we are expanding in our universe; will we create more space between us by speeding out to the unknown? Or will we mass together and create a large planet the way we want it?

Just as the giants and little people, who had their misfortune, we are ones with luck on our side. Isn’t it just so lucky that a rare newspaper from the 1970s made it from the distant south to a northern community and read by the right person to move all Cree communities together to form a formidable entity called the Grand Council of the Crees of Quebec? The littleness of that newspaper article bumping into us just enough to swerve our people to where we are today just astounds me.

Whatever the theory, one will always prevail: all theories are just theories.