Volume 12, Issue 15

Aboriginal Architecture Documentary to Air on APTN

A new documentary about Native architecture in North America will be shown on APTN this month. The film, entitled Aboriginal Architecture, Living Architecture, looks at how Native people are using their traditional architecture to redesign modern buildings. Directed and produced by Cree filmmaker, Paul M. Rickard, the film looks at a wide ... read more ››

AFN Negotiates Residential School Compensation

In what has been deemed as an “historical political accord” between AFN Chief Phil Fontaine and the federal government, a deal has been reached to recognize the need for reconciliation, healing and compensation to address the injustices committed in residential schools. It’s estimated that the Canadian government will give out lump ... read more ››

Bringing Midwives Back to Eeyou Istchee

Christine Roy has been a midwife for 22 years and she hopes her expertise and the assistance of the Cree Health Board will bring midwifery back to Eeyou Istchee – and soon. “The job of a midwife is such rewarding work,” said Roy, who has delivered, in her estimation, 500 to ... read more ››

Elections are Opportunity for Nation Building

Sometimes it hurts to hear people still arguing over the Paix des Braves deal. I know it’s hard to let go when you feel an injustice has been done. But let’s look at the way it’s developed in the three-and-a-half years this agreement has been a part of our lives. I ... read more ››

GaWaNi Ponyboy: The Horse Singer

While some wonder how to fill all those hours in a day, there are those who are so busy that one wonders, where do they find the time? Take GaWaNi Ponyboy, an Eastern Band Cherokee: he is the author of 11 books, a horse behaviorist teacher and speaker, a Christian ... read more ››

Hockey Players Lace Up, Now’s Your Chance!

Cree hockey players will have a second chance at furthering their careers thanks to a new prospects camp that is set to begin in late June in Ouje-Bougoumou. Tyson Gull and Jeremy Jolly were angry enough at their missed opportunity in the sport to create the Aboriginal Prospects Opportunity Camp. “We started ... read more ››

Inuit Angry At Exclusion from EM-1 Talks

The people of the Inuit community of Sanikiluaq want their voice heard in the debate over the Eastmain-1 hydroelectric project. Working with two Inuit organizations and the Nunavut government to assess the project, the community has filed a report saying Hydro-Québec is ignoring the project’s impact on the waters and wildlife ... read more ››

Nokoom and The Moose Head

I visited some friends in Timmins recently and we talked about what kind of food was available to people in the north. I admit that our Cree diet in the north is not as fine or flavorful as those in exotic Asian cultures. My people subsisted on the land based ... read more ››

Our High-Tech Traditional Lifestyle

May has come and gone in a blur of heat, fire and smoke. The inconvenience of forest fires seem to be handled quite well and the early summer has some folks puzzled and perplexed. Aren’t we supposed to be bound in snow and ice at this time of the year? ... read more ››

The Nation Bags 6 QCNA Awards and 3 Honourable Mentions

Tooting one’s own horn is usually not acceptable, but since we only do it once a year, here goes! The Nation took home six awards at the 25th annual Quebec Community Newspaper Awards, held May 27 at the Holiday Inn in Pointe Claire. The awards recognize the best individual writing and ... read more ››

Tourism Conference Bridges Culture Gap – More Than 100 Attend Amos Festivities

They came, they saw, they schmoozed, and at the end of the day, the town of Amos and the Cree Nation were much closer to becoming partners in the development of Northern Quebec’s tourism industry. Hosted by the Secretariat to the Cree Nation Abitibi-Temiscamingue Economic Alliance, the tourism conference was attended ... read more ››

U.S. Senator Probes O-J Mine Contamination – Political Heavyweight John Sununu Challenges Quebec Government

Ouje-Bougoumou’s battle over heavy metal toxins entering the area’s watershed through mine tailing ponds is getting political attention south of the border. The Sentinel of Keene, New Hampshire reported May 16 that U.S. Senator John Sununu “has taken on the Quebec Cree cause.” Senator Sununu has written a letter to Quebec ... read more ››

Walking Out at Conn River

For Millennia, we have walked the tradition of life. Today we still follow in the footsteps of our ancestors. Although we cannot follow in the exact same steps as those that have passed, we try to instill in our young people what our Elders have taught us. Our children are our ... read more ››