Tooting one’s own horn is usually not acceptable, but since we only do it once a year, here goes!

The Nation took home six awards at the 25th annual Quebec Community Newspaper Awards, held May 27 at the Holiday Inn in Pointe Claire. The awards recognize the best individual writing and photographic entries for the year 2004. In all, there are 33 English language newspapers from across Québec that compete against each other in 38 different categories.

Hats off to the following people who won a QCNA award:

Lyle Stewart

1st place for Best Editorial Local Affairs

Xavier Kataquapit

1st place for Best Column

Ernest Webb:

2nd place Best Feature Story

Steve Bonspiel

2nd place for Best Investigative/In-depth Story

Tamara Ainscow

2nd place for Best Environmental Story

The Nation:

3rd place for Best Feature Page

The Nation:

Honourable Mention for Best Editorial Page

Will Nicholls

Honourable Mention for Best Investigative or In-Depth Reporting

Ernest Webb

Honourable Mention for Best Photo Essay

Without our readers we wouldn’t be here, so thank you all so very much!