Volume 10, Issue 6

AFN Plans Opposition to “Three C’s”

The Assembly of First Nations is planning a “proactive resistance” to bills C-7 (The First Nations Governance Bill), C-6 (Specific Claims Bill), and C-19 (The First Nations Statistical Management Act). The action plan is in two phases. The first calls for the First Nations to convince Canadians and the federal government ... read more ››

Alberta Adoption Crisis

A Calgary social services is trying to find good homes for several First Nations children up for adoption. According to the Rocky View Child and Family Services, there is a serious shortage of First Nations families as potential adopters for over 30 Native children in the agency’s care. “There is a need ... read more ››

Becoming a Documentary Filmmaker

As part of Beesum Communications involvement with the Weeneebeg Aboriginal Film and Video Festival, we will be printing various articles about the filmmaking process by Paul M. Rickard, the Executive Director of the festival. This is part two of a six part series that The Nation will publish. Part Two: School ... read more ››

Down Oaxaca Way

Since it was really cold recently here in Montreal I accepted a invitation to see an Aboriginal Art exhibition at the Mexican Consulate January 23,d. There were tons of photos of Mexico in all its warmth. Even though it might have been in the minus-30s with the windchill factor I ... read more ››

Funnyman Lives!

Okay, okay, okaaaay! I’m not funny! So what, maybe you are, but go ahead. Make my face wrinkled with laughter with your banal jokes and offside humour. Who cares, jokes are supposed to be fun, right? Wrong! Jokes are supposed to maim and torture those who are at the butt ... read more ››

He Ain’t Heavy

When my oldest brother was 10, he stood up in class one day and told the teacher she was wrong. When he refused to apologize, he was sent to the principal’s office. My mother was called in and told her usually polite and well-behaved son had been so rude and ... read more ››

Kiskimaastakin Camps Receive Funding From Quebec

Quebec will provide $163,900 in financial assistance for the Kiskimaastakin hunting and fishing camps. The assistance will be used to develop an outfitting establishment in the LA-1 reservoir sector at James Bay and will result in the creation of 10 seasonal jobs. This outfitting establishment will offer caribou hunting, fishing adventure, ... read more ››

Métis National Council President Refuses to Resign

The Métis National Council has retreated from a Jan. 6 announcement that its troubled president Gerald Morin would be returning to his duties and has asked for his resignation. The MNC board of governors reached the decision after it learned the details of a Dec. 11. incident in which Morin allegedly ... read more ››

Mohawks Know Their Lacrosse Sticks

A First Nations-owned and -operated company from Akwesasne will be supplying lacrosse sticks to the National Lacrosse League for the upcoming season. The Mohawk International Lacrosse, the leading manufacturer of lacrosse sticks in Canada, beat out larger manufacturers in the United States to win the contract for the 12-team professional league. Company ... read more ››

My Thoughts on 2003: We Are the Worst Species

Homo sapiens, as my wife constantly says, is the worst species on Planet Earth — violent, self-destructive, selfish, greedy, prone to self- delusion, utterly careless about other species and their space, and insouciant about our common right, on Planet Earth, to continue to exist. I have been alive for seven decades, ... read more ››

Police Scoop Booze and Pot in Nunavik

The Kativik Regional Police Force have seized quantities of hard spirits and close to a kilo of marijuana as part of a campaign against the flow of contraband booze and drugs into the Nunavik region. On Jan. 15, acting on tips, KRPF police in Kangirsuk seized 67 grams of marijuana at ... read more ››

Residential Abuse Case Update

The Anglican Diocese of Saskatoon announced that it has contributed $300,000 towards a national $25 million fund to compensate Natives who were sexually and physically abused in residential schools that the denomination ran on behalf of the Government of Canada. Statements from the diocese said its 50 congregations and clergy members ... read more ››

Scientists to Cultivate Ancient Herbs

For generations, Native American tribes of the American Southwest have used three medicinal herbs – yerba mansa, cota and osh – to treat a number of ailments. Often considered sacred plants, these healing herbs grow wild. Now researchers at New Mexico State University want to know if these elder plants can ... read more ››

SNC-Lavalin to Build Artillery Test Site in Cree Territory

SNC Technologies, a subsidiary of SNC-Lavalin has put forth a proposal to build a long-range artillery test site near Chibougamau. The site would be used to test 105-millimetre shells being manufactured for the Canadian armed forces as well as NATO. A similar range was partially closed down in 1999 at Nicolet. ... read more ››

The CBC’s Kristy Snell – Anchored in her Heritage

Since 1991, our taxpayer-funded broadcast network has been mandated to “reflect the multicultural and multiracial nature of Canada.” Success can be measured in different ways, but there are more women, people with disabilities and aboriginal people working at the CBC; certainly more than we see on the private networks. Over ... read more ››

Tragedy in Mistissini

A youth from Waskaganish died in Mistissini Jan. 19. Jeremiah Cheezo, aged 19, was killed in an accident after borrowing a snowmobile to do some late night skidooing. Mistissini Police say a combination of high speeds and unfamiliarity with the Mistissini terrain led to his death. Cheezo was found by ... read more ››

VMS Elementary Grows

As with each New Year, there is a reason to celebrate. Voyageur Memorial School’s students from Grade 4 to Grade 6, teachers, support staff, and special guests welcomed 2003 with the opening of the elementary school’s extension. This celebration was partially because of this new addition to the building, but ... read more ››