A youth from Waskaganish died in Mistissini Jan. 19. Jeremiah Cheezo, aged 19, was killed in an accident after borrowing a snowmobile to do some late night skidooing. Mistissini Police say a combination of high speeds and unfamiliarity with the Mistissini terrain led to his death. Cheezo was found by some Mistissini residents, who reported the accident to the police at around 1:40 am. Police officer Isaac Voyager found the youth still alive at 1:42 but with troubled breathing. He was pronounced DOA by a Mistissini doctor at 2:20.

Mistissini police would like to warn snowmobilers to go slow when you don’t know the area. The police also remind you that alcohol and driving don’t mix. You can lose your driver’s license if you drink and drive and that includes snowmobiles.