ARTICLES BY Paul M. Rickard

Becoming a Documentary Filmmaker – Part Four: Hitting the Festival Circuit

In most cases today, documentaries are made on videotape and screened for television on video. In some cases, a film print of a documentary is made for the festival circuit, as in the case of my NFB film Okimah. One of the reasons that film print was made was to ... read more ››

Becoming a Documentary Filmmaker – Part Three: Directing Your First Project

As part of Beesum Communications involvement with the Weeneebeg Aboriginal Film and Video Festival, we will be printing various articles about the filmmaking process by Paul M. Rickard, the Executive Director of the festival. What does a director do anyways? According to the Internet Movie Data Base (, a director is: “The ... read more ››

Becoming a Documentary Filmmaker

As part of Beesum Communications involvement with the Weeneebeg Aboriginal Film and Video Festival, we will be printing various articles about the filmmaking process by Paul M. Rickard, the Executive Director of the festival. This is part two of a six part series that The Nation will publish. Part Two: School ... read more ››

Fur and Fashion Exposition

The North American Fur and Fashion Exposition in Montreal, now in its 14th year, is considered the biggest fair of its kind in North America. It is also one of the most important fur-marketing events in the world. Over 200 fur, leather and fashion outwear designers, manufacturers and suppliers were on ... read more ››

Treatment centre for youth

To combat growing concerns over youth suicide and substance abuse, Attawapiskat is getting a youth treatment centre that it’s wanted for years. “The community wanted our own treatment centre,” said Greg Shisheesh, Deputy Chief of the Attawapiskat First Nation. “In the past the youth were sent outside the community for treatment, ... read more ››

Official assaults Archibald at meeting

Mushkegowuk Council Chair Rosanne Archibald was attacked by a Canadian Wildlife Service employee as she tried to enter a meeting held to negotiate amendments to the Migratory Bird Convention. At an April 25 meeting in Parksville, B.C., Archibald was shoved and had her hair pulled as she tried to make a ... read more ››

Chief decries double-standard

Chief Ed Metatawabin of Fort Albany says Canada practices “institutional racism” when dealing with Native people and things have to change. The comments came after the band’s bank accounts were frozen for five days by a company which was owed money by the band. The band wasn’t able to do business ... read more ››

Huge diamond find near Attawapiskat

The discovery of 370 diamonds in Mushkegowuk by a mining company has Attawapiskat abuzz about the possibility of a mine being established nearby. At one site, KWG Resources Inc. drilled through ice into Kyle Lake about 100 miles from Attawapiskat, and found 230 diamonds. “The figures released say it’s a good prospect. ... read more ››

Moose Factory General Hospital now in Native hands

Mushkegowuk residents could see big improvements in their health care services as the federal government transfers responsibility of the hospital in Moose Factory to a Native-controlled health board. “We’ll be seeing an increased emphasis on patient care, the hiring of more Native staff and a more culturally relevant kind of health ... read more ››

New election rules in MF

The Moose Cree First Nation has changed its election rules to allow any band member living on or off-reserve to run for Chief or Council. “What resulted is four years of hard work to incorporate our own ways of electing leadership, something different from the Indian Act process,” said Chief Ernest ... read more ››

Membership code loopholes closed

Worried by an influx of people from other bands, the Moose Cree First Nation has amended its membership code to make it harder to join the band. From now on, anyone who gets married to a Moose Cree band member doesn’t automatically become one too. Anyone applying for membership will have ... read more ››

Peawanuck fire claims two lives

A fatal house fire in Peawanuck has claimed the lives of two children. The fire occurred at about 1:20 a.m. on March 6 at the residence of Sam and Gloria Hunter, according to a police report Sam Hunter is the Chief of Peawanuck. The two children who died in the fire are ... read more ››

Trappers’ subsidy a success

A pilot project that assists trappers with extra money to go trapping has been very successful and will hopefully be used throughout the NAN region. “The program was very successful. We got a lot of people interested to go out (to their traplines),” said John Turner of Moose Factory, who initiated the ... read more ››

Respect Treaty #9, feds told

In 10 years, Treaty #9 will be 100 years old. And now is the time to implement the promises of that treaty, says Rosanne Archibald, chair of the Mushkegowuk Council. The Mushkegowuk Council is set to establish a research unit to get a treaty package together that will be used to ... read more ››

Michael Trapper Gathering

An emotional and successful gathering was recently held in Moose Factory to commemorate a local hockey player who died three years ago. The Michael Trapper Gathering, in its second year, was a four-day event that involved hundreds of people. It included a hockey tournament, a curling event and step-dancing competition. The gathering, ... read more ››

Land deal for MF: 70 more acres

After 10 years of talks with Ottawa, the Moose Factory First Nation will be expanding its reserve boundaries by over 70 acres when the federal government transfers Crown land on the island to the band in June. “It’s a first step in realizing the band’s hope for a greater role in ... read more ››


Talks are underway between the Nishnawbe-Aski Nation and federal government about the idea of dismantling of Indian Affairs in the NAN territory. An offer was made by Indian Affairs Minister Ron Irwin in December for NAN to look at the recent dismantling agreement between Manitoba Chiefs and the federal government. “We want ... read more ››

Fur royalties opposed

The Nishnawbe-Aski Nation is planning to take the Ontario government to court on the issue of past royalties that have been illegally collected from trappers for their furs since 1947. “The Ministry of Natural Resources has no legal business collecting the royalties,” said Deputy Grand Chief Brian Davey. “We’re in the process ... read more ››

Kashechewan goes dry

The Kashechewan First Nation has introduced a Peacekeepers Program to combat the overflow of alcohol entering into their community. The Peacekeepers, made up of community volunteers, will have authority to inspect anyone for alcohol in all luggage and vehicles that enter the community. Newly-elected Chief Oliver Wesley said he is pursuing this ... read more ››

Timmins medical scheme short on details

The health board in Moose Factory is reacting with caution to a proposal by the Timmins Hospital to deal with a serious shortage of doctors in the coastal communities of Muskegowuck. As good as the intentions are, the Weeneebayko Health Board is saying the proposal is short on details and leaves ... read more ››

Playground Safety

Police say it’s likely the local coroner will hold an inquest into the death of a five-year girl on the playground of the Moose Factory Ministik School. Michelle Martin, a senior kindergarten student, died in an accident while playing on playground equipment the morning of Friday, Feb. 3- Michelle had just ... read more ››

Fur dressers reopen

Another sign that Native people are becoming more involved within the fur market can be found in the wild fur production. The Nipissing First Nations Fur Dressers Inc. in North Bay, Ontario, recently reopened its door after a year of being closed in 1993. Under new management, wholly owned by the ... read more ››

Auction House

I had the opportunity to visit the Fur Harvesters Auction House in North Bay, Ont. recently. This being my first visit, I was quite impressed by the things that go on in an auction house. Once you step through the door, the first thing you notice is the smell. ... read more ››

Forum on suicide coming up

A forum to look at the growing concerns about youth suicide and other problems facing young people will be held in Moose Factory on Feb. 14-16. “The purpose is to provide a setting, an environment for a hearing. To listen to the concerns and ideas of where to go,” said Larry ... read more ››

About that tax

A tax revolt caravan of 20 people from the Mushkegowuk area held a protest at Indian Affairs offices in Sudbury against the new taxation rules for Native people that took affect on Jan. 1. The protesters left from New Post on Friday, Jan. 20 and were met in Sudbury by a ... read more ››

Near-record fur sales in North Bay auction

An estimated $2.2 million worth of fur pelts were sold in the Dec. 12 fur auction in North Bay, making it one of the most successful sales for the Fur Harvesters Auction. Beaver pelts sold for an average of $30.69, $4 more than the same sale a year ago. In fact, ... read more ››