A Calgary social services is trying to find good homes for several First Nations children up for adoption.

According to the Rocky View Child and Family Services, there is a serious shortage of First Nations families as potential adopters for over 30 Native children in the agency’s care.

“There is a need for First Nations children, if at all possible, to be raised with First Nations families,” said Gloria Haddow, manager of Native service for Calgary Rocky View. “People who are not Native can empathize with the situation, but they can’t truly know the difficulties [Native children] go through.”

The children waiting to be adopted are Natives from across Canada, but the majority of them are from Alberta. The agency hopes that families can be found for the children in the area where they are from to maintain cultural ties to their heritage.

More information on adopting the children is available by contacting Calgary Rocky View at (403) 297-2789.