Volume 7, Issue 16

Action Boreale Off and Singing

Richard Desjardins is a recognized icon of Quebec. One only has to see audience reaction to him when he’s on stage. His songs and poetry are about Quebec and the people who live here. They are humourous, to the point, invoke memories and patriotism and they make him one of ... read more ››

Cree Connection in Hells Drug Network?

Police are investigating a possible Cree connection to a large drug-smuggling network in the Inuit communities that was recently dismantled and had links to the Hells Angels. Forty police officers raided several residences in the Montreal area on May 30 and 31, arresting six people. Among them were alleged ringleaders Gilles Allard ... read more ››

Crees Hit With ‘Unjust’ Phone Bill Hike

Crees will be hit with another whopping increase in phone bills starting July 1, with monthly rates in most communities shooting up 17 percent for a basic hookup. Télébec, the Bell Canada subsidiary that serves northern Quebec, already charged the highest residential rates in the country. Even before the latest spike, its ... read more ››

Crees Sue Meubles Économiques

A group of Mistissini Crees who lost money in the bankruptcy of a Chibougamau furniture store, Meubles Économiques, are going to small-claims court. The claimants made advance payments to the store toward the purchase of furniture. They want to recover about $2,500 lost when the company went bankrupt last month. Mistissini lawyer ... read more ››

David Masty Acclaimed as Chief

David Masty has been acclaimed as chief of Whapmagoostui. There were no other candidates for the job at a nomination meeting held June 12. Masty has been chief since last November, when then-chief Matthew Mukash stepped down after getting elected as deputy grand chief. Masty was elected by acclamation then too to ... read more ››

Domestic Violence – Not Our Way of Life

Wachiya. I am presently taking a Bachelors of Social Work course along with 50 other students from our nine communities. Our last course was held in Rouyn at the University of Abitibi-Temisacaming. We were asked to write a short paper about any topic or issue that we need to deal ... read more ››

Health Board Botched Rescue: Coroner

The Quebec coroner’s office has blasted the Nunavik Health Board for a lack of “good sense” and “compassion” after taking 18 hours to rescue a badly burned Inuk Elder. The woman died from burns that covered almost all of her body. The coroner’s report, dated April 25, comes at a time ... read more ››

Mabel Herodier Elected as School Board Chair

The Cree School Board has a new chairperson – Mabel Herodier. Herodier got 904 votes out of 1,715 cast in the June 15 runoff poll, or 53 percent of the total. Rival candidate Kenny Blacksmith got 811 votes, or 47 percent of the total. No figures were available on what percentage of Crees ... read more ››

Montreal’s First People’s Festival 2000

It justs gets bigger each year and this is the tenth year that Terres en vues or Land in Sight (English translation) has put on a show for Montreal. I am constantly surprised at the caliber of people, films and performers that they come up with. It’s nice to see ... read more ››

Quebec Gives in One Hour Before March

Just an hour before Waswanipi youths were supposed to start a 750-kilometre protest walk to Quebec City, the news came from the Quebec government. The province had agreed to release $2.2 million in promised funds to finish the community’s long-awaited youth centre. At first, youth chief Marcel Happyjack and the 11 other ... read more ››

Shootout in Kuujjuarapik

An Inuk man is recovering from four gunshot wounds and faces 11 charges after a shooting spree and car chase early the morning of June 17 in Kuujjuarapik. Markusie Weetaltuk, 18, was charged with sexual assault, attempted murder, several charges of mischief causing damage, dangerous driving, shooting a firearm inside town ... read more ››

So Sorry…

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” I think he spoke the truth. When you begin to ignore or not talk about what is going around you because you feel uncomfortable bringing up the matter then you ... read more ››

Time to Recycle

I recently rediscovered the joy of riding a bicycle. Over the past few years I have been taking some time during my week to go for a ride down a country road or through town. It is an enjoyable and easy way to get some exercise. It is also a ... read more ››