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On the Land

It has been many moons since I’ve been moose hunting. I was talking to OJ Chief Curtis Bosum and at the end of our business we chitchatted. I mentioned that my wife Amy was pregnant and looking for moose or caribou so I planned to go moose hunting. He asked ... read more ››

Mohawk Chief pushing for Treaty between Nations

At a recent rally in downtown Vancouver, Serge Simon introduced himself to a largely First Nations audience. “My name is Serge Simon, the Grand Chief of the Mohawk of Kanesatake,” said Simon, pausing for a moment. “You may know us as the Mohawks of Oka.” The 1990 conflict at Oka remains a ... read more ››

After operating for two years, Nemaska’s Justice Centre officially opens

According to Quebec Aboriginal Affairs Minister Geoff Kelly, “If you hang around politics long enough, you get to see things being built.” He was speaking to guests at an October 13 ceremony officially opening the Nemaska Justice Centre, though it actually has been in use since November 2013. Back then, a ... read more ››

Promoting non-violence one step at a time

Quickening the pace to a two-year-old movement to promote non-violence, George Diamond recently led another major walk to condemn violence in any form and raise awareness about the issue throughout Eeyou Istchee. From October 16-19, Diamond joined seven others on an 84-kilometre walk in the name of stopping violence. “The walk went ... read more ››

AFN Should Ponder Tecumseh’s Vision

It’s election season again in Indian Country. Here come the promises, policies and posturing of all the would-be Indian chiefs. We’ve seen it so many times before the election bubble gets pumped with hot air all Spring and in the middle of July, bursts in that debauched festival of hypocrisy ... read more ››

Unconditional Discharge for Freddy Jolly

Nemaska tallyman Freddy Jolly is declaring victory in his two-year legal battle with the Quebec wildlife department. Jolly’s lawyer entered a guilty plea to the charge of violating the federal Migratory Birds Act. Then, in a May 30 decision, a judge granted Jolly an unconditional discharge. The sentence means Jolly won’t have a ... read more ››

The Cree Voice – Inside and Outside the Community

On May 19, I accompanied a student from my grade 6 class to a mock Parliament at the National Assembly in Quebec City. Her name is Angeline Sam. She was democratically elected by her class peers as their representative. We went to Quebec to participate in a project aimed at ... read more ››

Time to Recycle

I recently rediscovered the joy of riding a bicycle. Over the past few years I have been taking some time during my week to go for a ride down a country road or through town. It is an enjoyable and easy way to get some exercise. It is also a ... read more ››