ARTICLES BY Marilyn Bearskin

HIV/AIDS brainstorming session In Montreal

At the 2001 Annual General Assembly, a resolution was passed by the Chiefs supporting the Regional Public Health Department promoting awareness of HIV/AIDS. On October 18 and 19, 2002, the project got underway. The Regional Health Promotion Officer, George Diamond, brought together Cree Health Representatives (CHR’s) and Public Health Officers ... read more ››

Wemindji hosts residential school conference

Wemindji’s residential school project, called “Healing the Generations,” began last March. It’s a one year project that will address the effects of residential schools, and is funded by the Aboriginal Healing Foundation. Over the October 4-6 weekend, the Wemindji Wellness Center organized and hosted their first residential school local community ... read more ››

Wemindji has new deputy chief Chief position contested but nobodies talking for now

Just who is the chief of Wemindji? The electoral officer says it is Reggie Mark, but apparently the matter may be taken to the courts. The Nation asked Chief Reggie Mark for an interview, but he said he couldn’t comment or even issue a statement due to legal complications. A re-count ... read more ››

Chibougamau, Fight City

We’ve always known the streets of Chibougamau were tough. But the night of Saturday, Sept. 21 might go down in the annals of rowdiness. Police made 10 arrests after several incidents, beginning with a fight among a group of women that began on downtown streets after 3 am. Chibougamau SQ officer ... read more ››

‘Removal NOW’ Only a public inquiry will clear the air over the murder of Dudley George

The man who killed native protestor Dudley George gave up his attempt to get back his job in the Ontario Provincial Police last week. But those still working for some sort of justice for the first person in Canada to be killed in over a century of aboriginal protest against ... read more ››

Domestic Violence – Not Our Way of Life

Wachiya. I am presently taking a Bachelors of Social Work course along with 50 other students from our nine communities. Our last course was held in Rouyn at the University of Abitibi-Temisacaming. We were asked to write a short paper about any topic or issue that we need to deal ... read more ››

You Can Move Mountains

I’ve read a couple of articles in The Nation of people sharing their experiences with how they lost friends and loved ones through suicide. I lost a best friend, a childhood buddy, through suicide, and it was devastating. I could only imagine how other people feel when it’s a close ... read more ››

a cry for help

I wanted to voice myself on a sensitive issue. An issue we don’t really know how to react to. Sad to say it’s “Suicide.” From observing and listening to people in our communities, we joke, laugh and gossip about people who have attempted suicide, but when someone succeeds, there’s no ... read more ››

The Healing Gathering

This issue is about “The Healing Gathering” that was held in Waswanipi on July 29, 30, 31. I’m not too good at writing about conferences, because I don’t write down notes, but only listen. But I will tell you about what I observed and learned. The Gathering was done the traditional ... read more ››

Healing Our Broken Hearts – Learning To Let Go Our Inner Child

Hello everybody! Sorry for not being able to write in the last few issues of The Nation. I had to focus a little more on my own life. I am right now trying to deal with my past and present self. Dealing with my inner child and the adult I am now. ... read more ››

Everybody Hurts

When I write about Domestic Violence there are so many aspects to it. Where it leads, why we abuse, why we accept being abused and so on. In a way I’ve been selfish, making all men look like wife abusers and basically making them all look bad. In the beginning of ... read more ››